How To Provide Original Content To Your Online Readers?

Producing original content on a website is pertinent because without it you can’t expand your readership.  Original content persuades the users to form a positive opinion about the website and makes them visit it over and over again, thus bumping the overall traffic of your website.

Moreover, the search engines also have algorithms which can judge whether or not the content is original.  The position of your site in search ranking is based on this judgment.  So original content means your site will be in higher search rankings.

What is original content?

The content that is created by your own is known as original content.  It may be articles, videos, info graphics and a lot more.  In other words you may not copy from other sources; rather you ought to create all this material on your own.

With a little skill and use of various soft ware’s, it is really easy to  create videos and info graphics while for original text, you will have to write on your own or hire a team of different writers to do so.

How to create original content?

If your website provides analysis, news, reviews, or any other form of text-based content, you should have a proper team of writers and editors to create an original content.  Writers pen down the content whereas the editors then curate it according to the requirements of the website.

In this way you are able to get a steady flow of real content for your website.  On the other hand, if your website provides tutorials or any other video based material; you can easily create them on your own by the usage of video-editing software and a camera, if required.

Some goes for the info graphics which can be created by a large number of online sources.

Plagiarized content vs original content

Plagiarism refers to the content that is copied from other sources.  If you produce content from other website without even attributing it, it is plagiarism.

And it is frowned upon, not only by search engine algorithms, but also by the readers.  However, plagiarism cannot be mixed with the usage of external resources.

For instance, you can’t copy from a website but if you want to use the information they are providing, you can simply recreate it in your own words and at the same accredit them for having provided the information.

In this way, you produce original content without infringing any sort of plagiarism.

Curate your content

To produce original content is not a big deal.  It can be accomplished quite easily.  However, what is rather hard is to present that content in such a manner so as to engage the reader.  You must make the content interesting and the best way to do so is to add a lot of graphics.

Graphical representation attract a reader more than a text-only post.  So even in writing an article you, try to use a photograph or a video to go with it.

This will definitely perk up the reader’s interest and persuade him to read the entire post.


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