How To Pick Cute Names For Your Blog?

Relevance of the name is quite high when talking about a blog, and picking out a name can be challenging at times since there are a few factors to consider especially when you are trying to earn money off your blog.  So here are the factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a name.

With every new creation that in presented to the world there has to be a name that follows it so that you know what to call it when you need it.  The same goes for humans.

We have different names that help us separate one from the other when calling those around us, but when it comes to names of blogs and websites you can’t just say “pick one from below examples of cute blog names are always welcome”.

No, the name of a blog has to come from something relevant, something that will make it unique and will make it stand out.  Here are some things to consider when choosing a blog’s name.

1. Easy to remember

Although not the most relevant factor to the blog’s topic and as opposed to the bulk option to pick one from bellow examples of cute blog names might work but what you really are aiming for is the easy name that represents the blog from every aspect.

2. Keep it short

You really don’t expect the visitors or members to actually remember a blog address that contains more characters than countries in the world, do you?

The internet users like to be comfortable, to have easy and fast access and they don’t enjoy being challenged to remember a long blog name through all the amount of information that is already being crammed into the brain daily.

And if you can find an option that gives you a list and allows you to pick one from below examples of cute blog names can be used when the theme of the blog matches.

3. Topic compatibility

Another factor that should influence your choice is the topic of the blog.  It would be a little bit strange to name your blog “car wash” when you specialize in online clothes shopping, it just wouldn’t make sense.

So try to avoid lists that allow you to pick one from below examples of cute blog names or anything that will not take into consideration what your blog stands for.

4. Targeted audience

Interestingly enough, even the group of consumers that you are aiming for are a factor for your blog’s name since you have to consider their age, their backgrounds – if it is relevant – and be sure that it doesn’t offend anyone.

When your target group consists of younger children, you can, if you lack the inspiration, search for applications that allow you to pick one from below examples of cute blog names being preferred in this particular case.

5. Style

The style of the blog will be another contributing factor for your blog’s name.  If you intended to use more than one writer, you should consult with the others as well.

After all, this is an important decision that can change more than a few things in your future, so it’s not wise to go to pick one from below examples of cute blog names and something that will come automatically.

6. Tone

Get as far away as possible from lists that allow you to pick one from below examples of cute blog names are only for specific blogs, so you must think seriously for a moment or more and decide what type of blog you are creating.

If you intend to have a blog that focuses more on the general conversations, you can even name the blog ‘average Joe’, as long as it is easy to remember.


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