How To Make SEO Proposal For Maximum Benefits?

A good SEO proposal should clearly mention the deliverable (tasks you will accomplish for client), benefits (value client will get), timeline and budget (projected investment). You can skip investment if the proposal is for an existing client.

It should also briefly touch about the profile of your company and team. Share more details if the assignment is significant.

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I am sharing more details (in the order of appearance) that you should include in a SEO proposal.


Introduction is the first part of a proposal.

It should list the objective of the proposal. In a SEO Proposal, it will be something like

“To offer search engine optimization (SEO) services”

Here you can also give a brief introduction of your company. If you are sending this proposal via email or snail mail – then you can also add a supporting note/letter telling the background of your interaction with you contact/s at the client company.

[OPTIONAL: Between Intro and deliverable you can add a document titled Analysis/Audit – where you may present your understanding of client’s business/website. Later link deliverable to this audit.]

Deliverable (The Body of Proposal)

In the body of SEO proposal, you need to tell clients about you plan of action, how you will accomplish it, what inputs (sign-offs, resources etc) you will need from the client.

Anything else apart from terms and conditions, and financial discussion will also fit here.

Towards the end of your body (optional) you can add a set of testimonials from your existing /past clients. Link to any book or popular essay you wrote. You also add any support documents or research done by any third party.

You should also mention factors that can effect deliverable. Work process is also a part of the body of the proposal.

Numbers (The Finances)

Mention following,

1. Proposed investment

2. Itemized break-up as applicable.

3. Also if there any stage-wise (linked to delivery) or monthly payments.


Once you create the first draft of your proposal – keep it aside for few hours or a day, as it works for you.

Now think about all questions that can come to a clients mind before giving her business to you. Now go back and answer these questions as clearly as possible.

Also check or typos – as they will make your look as someone with less attention to detail. Whether you work for yourself or a company it is important that you be responsible for what you are doing – put your best foot forward and you will get the results that you aspire for.

Do not hesitate to run it through someone who has been there and done that.

If you are using some industry terms (jargon) – try to explain these in simple terms in a document titled glossary. This document is not part of a standard SEO or digital marketing proposal. But it makes sense to do a bit more. It helps you stand apart and win the business eventually.

End the proposal – with terms and condition applicable.

Hope this helps. Anything more you want to know about creating a SEO Proposal or any other question about digital marketing, write here 🙂

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