How To Make A Digital Signature?

There are several ways on how to make a digital signature.  Because there are times when we need to attach our signatures on digital files, it is important to know how to do it.  This article will share several ways on how digital signature is done and some other things you need to know about digital signatures.

Take a Picture of Your Handwritten Signature and modify its file format

This is the most common method on how to make a digital signature.  You can either scan or take a photo of your handwritten signature and then modify it on you computer.  Then save it on a format that is widely supported.

For example, if you want your digital signature saved with a transparent background, it is highly recommended that you save this in .PNG format.  If having a white background is fine to you, then saving it in the usual .JPG format will be fine.

Also if you want to know how to make a digital signature in Adobe Photoshop, there are several tutorials available that will help you do it.  It may take you sometime to do it especially if you are not familiar with the application but it will be a very good investment to do so.

Using electronic devices

There are devices available in stores that you attach to your computer, install an application for you to be able to use it sign on it, and your signature appears on the computer.  You can also save in different types of format.

However, this may not be practical if you’re only going to need it once.  Since the device cause some amount of money, doing the first method on how to make a digital signature may be a better choice than this one.

However, there may be some situations where buying one is a necessity.  You can follow the instructions provided here and on your device for you to learn how to make a digital signature.

The “other” Digital Signature

There is another definition for a digital signature aside from the usual handwritten signature that has been converted into a file.  This “other” digital signature is the digital signature the type of signature used for security purposes and for authentication of documents.

This is a feature made by Microsoft Office to ensure the security of the documents made using their programs.  If this is what you want to know when you asked how to make a digital signature, then going to Microsoft office site may be able to help you.

First step that you can do is to purchase a genuine version of Microsoft Office.  More detailed help on how to make a digital signature is available on their site.

Protect your Digital Signature

Now that you know how to make a digital signature, it is important that you keep your digital signature secured (I’m talking about the first type of digital signature).

Since this can be used in signing any valid documents, keeping your digital signature secured will keep you from being a victim of falsification of documents.

Do not make your digital signature accessible to the public, and keep your copies in secured places, both online and offline.


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