How To Do SEO Audit For Your New Client?

SEO stand for search engine optimization which is the best technique to optimize the web pages on the first page of search engine.  Digital marketing experts have major goals to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their companies.

They need to do SEO audit because they can monitor or examine how the client’s websites are doing now and examine their income efficiently.  SEO audit helps to boost the client’s lead generation effectively.

SEO audit is also helpful to get your clients targeted users who are more interested in offer.  SEO audit helps to save the cost of marketing your products and services.  Companies also perform this audit to improve the visibility of their brands.

When you are going to take a new client for the purpose of digital marketing, you need to perform basic SEO audit to check their current visibility.  SEO is the first step to understand what and where you are going to do.

How To Do A Basic SEO Audit To A New Client’s Website?

Digital marketers perform SEO audit to monitor the SEO readiness of new client’s websites.  If you are a digital marketer, you should get information about Virtual assistants, Web designers, PR consultants, Freelance SEO copywriters, Digital coaches and trainers, marketing consultants, Social media consultants and digital marketing consultants.

Digital marketing professionals know these terms when they are going to perform SEO audit.  Digital marketers know all types of digital and marketing strategies to make an efficient SEO audit.

SEO Audit

When digital marketers start new project with new client, they need to make the SEO audit first.  For this purpose they are required to have information about SEO consultants and SEO strategies to make a healthy audit of client’s website.

They need to know how they can check the potential visibility of the client’s websites.  There are two fundamental options of making SEO audit that include:

1. Quick hit site audit

Quick hit site audit helps to make top level audit of client’s websites quickly.

2. An exhaustive site audit

It will take long time to make audit of client’s website.  If you are going to choose this way for audit, you should keep three things in your mind that include:

Link audit

Technical site audit

On-page SEO audit

An on-page SEO audit starts with clear content like Meta descriptions tags and title.  It will help to get a great exhaustive document that depends on your website, so it is important to manage the Excel sheet with your pages.

SEO Audit Analysis

SEO audit analysis can be divided into five sections:

1. Competitive Analysis

2. Off-Page Ranking Factors

3. On-Page Ranking Factors

4. Index ability

5. Accessibility

You can make a quick audit of new client’s website depends on your objectives and make exhaustive list of on-page SEO audit to give your recommendations efficiently.

Digital marketers should perform best analysis of new client’s website before going to start new project.  Digital marketers should know all types of digital and marketing strategies to make an efficient SEO audit.


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