How To Automate Blog Posts On Social Media Sites?

There are many social media sites that are helping to automate various blog posts.  The advanced social media submit various unique articles to all the main social media sites and automatically log into every social media site.  A blog post has many areas that need your attention and concern.

There are a lot of social marketing sites, for instance twitter is one of the famous services and when you print a new blog post, twitter feed mechanically sends a twitch or tweet about it.  How to automate blog posts on social media sites is not difficult at all.

If the automation is used suitably, it can prove to be very beneficial for the wellness of your brand and online community.

Usage of Correct Tools

There are several tools that can be helpful in automating the blog posts on social media websites.  Amid the tools available, HootSuite permits you to docket your Twitter, Facebook and Google updates.

Secondly, supervise the times of the day when people read your message and interact with your brand on social media sites.  A sensible amount of time as well as a right schedule is needed to respond to the comments.

Another crucial point is to radiate the content across social media sites.  Automation is quite useful and helps increasing your productivity and renders a more worthful content to your audience.

Popular Social Networking Sites

The top social networking sites based on the traffic ranking includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Google plus, live journal, Tagged, Orkut, Pinterest, Ning, Meetup, and Baddoo etc. social news, social networking and wikis are all included in social medias.

Social media cover many websites and you can interact with the website as well as other visitors.  Social media or social networking sites lend you the ability to give your thoughts through proper communication.

All these mentioned sites are quite popular all over the world and are widely used by millions of people.  Blog posts can be automated on any of these social media sites.  In fact social media is an instrument of social communication.

Features Of Automating Blog Posts

The main features of automating blog posts are:

1. Automatic conversion of RSS feeds into word press posts.

2. Affiliated images and videos are included.

3. Formats are customized.

4. Fresh targeted content is created by importing articles from RSS feeds.

5. Enhance the tagging engine.

Besides these main features there are many other characteristics of auto blogging.

Automating Blog Posts with HootSuite

Automating the blog posts with the help of Hootsuite means that in posting a new blog post to your site, the blog is automatically posted to various social media accounts by hootsuite.  This is literally a timesaver, particularly for twitter marketers.

For this, firstly you will have to go to Hootsuite dashboard and then click the head in the left corner of the screen.  As a result a box appears, and then click settings and a setting box can be seen on the screen listing.

Next, click the RSS button and as a result add new feed button comes.  At the end a URL appears and you have to copy and paste it to the particular box.

Finally choose the appropriate account on which you would like to share the blog post.  Now you can share your blog post on twitter, facebook or any other site.


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