How Social Media And Digital Marketing Has Impacted Global Branding?

Social media and digital marketing has impacted the global branding, and for branding strategies it has provided more mediums to communicate and express the brand values.  Global brands are the brands that are used all around the world such as Pepsi, Sony, Adidas, Nike, McDonald, Facebook and many more.

Various companies are using social media and digital marketing to enhance their brand and increase the sale of their products.  An absolute majority of global executives agree that digital marketing and social media are the key success in their markets.

Nevertheless, we see that in a short period of time how social media and digital marketing had impacted global branding.

Social Media

In the simplest way social media can be defined as an instrument of social communication.  While watching TV or listening radio you can just give your thoughts on the matter whereas, the social media gives you the ability to contribute your thoughts through proper communication.

Social news, social networking and wikis are all included in social media.  Actually, social media cover various websites and you can easily interact with the website as well as other visitors.

The commonly used websites are social book marking, social news, social networking, social photo and video sharing and wikis.  Besides this, any other website due to which you can interact with the site and other visitors comes in the definition of social media.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the usage of internet connected devices that includes computer, smart phones, television, radio, game consoles and many more.  Digital marketing moves very faster as compared to any other market.

Digital strategy is the method of specifying an organization’s goals and opportunities to maximize business benefits of digital initiatives.  There are various digital channel groups such as DOMP, UKMN, IDM and many others.

Impact of Social Media on Global Branding

Social media and marketing is an important source to increase the sale of any global brand.  The brands used worldwide definitely require a proper and fast medium to enhance their products and, social media is effectively doing this.

Right now there are several companies that are using social media to heighten their brand and increase the sale rate of their product.

Recently, a ‘’Coco-Cola TV project’’ campaign launched by Coca-Cola, brought live entertainment to the audience through various social media channels.  The viewers of the show promoted to drive conversation on social media channels.

In the same way Top shop partnered with face book to permit the viewers of its live show to share pictures of their favored outfits with their friends.  This show was the first live show shown on twitter and a large number of viewers encouraged it.

This show was shown in almost 100 countries and about 2 million viewers watched it.  Therefore, we see an effective way how social media and digital marketing has impacted global branding.

Impact of Digital Marketing on Global Branding

Like social media, digital marketing has successfully led various brands to cover global marketing even more deeply.  The digital campaigns taking place in one part of the world inevitably ‘leak’ to others through different social media channels.

Coca Cola for instance established the former concept of global marketing and dealt to keep its slogans worldwide.


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