How Pinterest Is Different Than Other Social Media Networks?

Pinterest was presented in 2011 as an online pin board and is the fastest growing site of social network.  It is an excellent platform to share beautiful and amazing images present on the web.  People use it in planning their weddings, in the decoration of their homes and many more things available on the web.  People all over the world are connected with the help of Pinterest and they share images, videos, recopies and a lot more things.

There are many other social media networks among which Pinterest are a recently launched social media website.  In present days Pinterest is preferred to other social media sites. There are various reasons for this likeness.


The use of info graphics are considered to be effective for better click-through.  Unlike other businesses, a more specific demo graphic breakdown can be seen on this site.

E-commerce traffic driver

In the beginning of this year, it was claimed by the marketing tracking firm of US that Pinterest is the fastest growing source of traffic.  Millions of pins are added every week and a large number of people all around the world are visitors.

This amazing site 5.8m visits in UK in a single month. Among these visits 1,633,000 came through search engines, 474,000 visits came through face book and 121,000 came through Pinterest.

A recent report shows that Pinterest and Instagram are the most widely used social media networks.  These two sites are considered to be more successful than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Online retailers

The on line retailers have an opportunity to do well due to Pinterest. This interesting social media site has a greater click through rate than face book and twitter.

Pinterest  is quite useful in landing a strong page and a  well online product.  There is no doubt that Pinterest can help to increase your income to a large extent.

Helps to succeed your business

In these days everyone is well familiar with the latest social media website of Pinterest.  Besides many other things, this is an excellent platform for enhancing your business in different ways.

It does not matter whether you are a new company or a mollified one the Pinterest will surely provide you benefits.

This is a perfect place for the people who are in search of inexpensive advertising platforms.  You can not only advertise your products, but also can create new and useful connections for your business.  Pinterest is therefore an excellent solution to your business problems.

The pins can be pinned to other sites

The pictures and images from your website can be shared with your followers on other sites like face book and twitter.  There are choices to share the images as you pin on Pinterest.

This is not a difficult task and you can easily pin an image and just with one click you can send the link to the image on the profile of face book and twitter.  In this way you can share these images with any of your required social media fellow.

Pinterest is thought to be a perfect platform to engage with the consumers on a visual level and to ultimately drive the traffic towards your business.


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