Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Digital marketing is making waves these days as many companies that once used the traditional style of marketing are now going digital.  This is due to the benefits digital marketing offers.

Let us say, you are interviewing a digital marketing professional. In this scenario what are the top digital marketing interview questions that you could ask your potential hire. These questions will also help you if you are looking to be hired in a digital marketing role.

First, know what it takes to do the job.

Asking the right digital marketing interview questions is not that difficult.

As in any other interview, you need to align your questions to – what needs to be done in a job and then gauge the applicant’s ability to do the job.

Let us see what a digital marketing professional does.

She uses digital media (Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, mobile etc.) to promote a brand, and to engage potential customers.

This is done by creating campaigns. So a digital marketing professional needs good understanding of the media (social/digital in this case) – have the planning and execution ability like any other marketing professional and – also should know her way around essential tools.

What is different here – is that a digital marketing professional – essentially does not need a lot of theoretical knowledge. You should be willing to hire somebody who is young and has good experience using social media and tools that engage and measure. It is OK to hire someone who is 21 – if she started using social media around 13 years of age. So that is around 8 years of experience.

Also taking a stock of your business goals helps – you can then align which part of your business goals – you want to achieve through your company’s digital marketing efforts.

With this, you should have the right mindset to plan your digital marketing interview questions.

Know what level you are hiring (being hired) for.

Questions will differ depending on the role you are hiring for.

If you are interviewing (or being interviewed) for role of Head – Digital Marketing then questions will differ than that for a digital marketing manager.

Head of Digital obviously should have a very good understanding of the digital marketing landscape – the media, tools for engagement, tools for  creation, and also how to measure effectiveness of various campaigns and impact of all these things on traffic (visitor to brand’s destination that can be a website, Facebook page or places like that. For web analytics this person needs to know more than Google Analytics.

Also it helps to be good at striking partnership to scale campaigns effective when the need comes.

A digital marketing manager needs to be good at finishing assigned tasks quickly. Create proposals to be approved by the Head of Digital – being shown to CEO or Head of Marketing. Depending on reporting structure. She also needs to be good to work with a team of digital marketing executives and interns. This person should be a good executor – a plus if she can strategize too.

Now time to dig into some real life questions.

Sample Digital Marketing Interview Questions

These are the questions you should be ready to ask (or be asked) depending on whether you are the interviewee or interviewer.

  • How long you have been working online?
  • What companies you have worked with?
  • What are some of the highlights of your career?
  • Which social network you are most active on?
  • What is your plan for growing our business using digital marketing?
  • Are you are team worker or work better independently?
  • What are your thoughts about content marketing?
  • Do you think SEO is a part of digital marketing?
  • What tools do you use to create, manage and measure digital campaigns?
  • Do you blog?
  • Given a chance what will be your digital marketing plan for our brand – immediately after you join.
  • Which traffic is better – paid or organic?
  • Is it OK if we focus only on organic traffic, and do not invest in paid media?
  • If we go for paid media – where should be invest our money.
  • How much money do we need for an ideal digital marketing plan in a year?
  • What do you see as your goals during first 6 months of working with our company?
  • Any questions you want to ask?

Prepare around these questions, keep something handy to show – a report (printed will work good, people still love paper), and you should be able to handle a digital marketing interview well.

Other things that matter.

I do not need to tell you, that when you interview for a digital marketing role – you should be a heavy user of at least 1-2 of social network. Also have some understanding of importance of focusing on mobile (with some solid data points to discuss during interview).

Know about the person you are meeting with – and company you are interviewing for. if you are interviewing to hire someone – now about the companies/brands this person has worked for earlier.

Now go and do it 🙂

And do not hesitate to ask any questions that come to your mind. Email me.

Consider me your friend 🙂 You can do that?

Be sure I will not interview you – just help with what I know.

Now write to me here.

A good related read is Seth Godin’s What good interview questions are actually trying to discover.

To Your Success 🙂

(Last updated on 22/06/2013, with inputs from editor)

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