5 Ways To Improve Bounce Rate Of A Website Or Blog

The article presents 5 ways of improving the bounce rate that occurs on websites and WebPages with a short description for every new idea, for a better understanding of each method.

The online marketing business has been in a constant evolution and today it uses websites, blogs, social networks and many other channels of enhancing the publicity amount that they bring to the products or services they offers.

Blogs and websites deal with thousands if not millions of visitors daily and from a marketing point of view the one thing concerns the owner and that is the bounce rate.  The bounce rate represents the number of users that leave the page without accessing any other link on the page.

As far as the amount of the bounce rate is concerned the lower it is the better.  But when you notice that it has reached higher limits, there is no reason to panic, but rather calm down and start working on ways to improve bounce rate of a website or blog.

There are many reasons for which users choose to leave a web page, some that may not even have anything to do with you or what you are presenting, but when trying to improve your bounce rate consider these steps first.

1. User accounts or subscription

Along with the change in direction of the internet an increasing number of websites and blogs have opted for the use of accounts in order to secure personal information, but also to keep track of the number of regular visitors.

In the same boat as the ways to improve bounce rate of a website or blog we have the subscription option that is sometimes preferred rather than constantly creating accounts for different websites or blogs.

Besides the fact that both options fall into the category of the ways to improve bounce rate of a website or blog, they are also great at spreading new information through the use of newsletters.

2. Overall layout

If you are struggling to find better ways to improve bounce rate of a website or blog, then consider what you would like to find the moment you access a page.

The design and general accessibility of your page may be scared of users, either because it is unappealing, difficult to navigate or lacks a navigational logic.

Pop-ups are another ‘fantastic’ way of annoying visitors and making them leave without looking back a second time.

So be very mindful of the layout and design of your page and always keep in mind to make the text large enough for the reader not to squirm in order to go through the content of the page.

3. Relevant content

Another one of those great ways to improve bounce rate of a website or blog is to be sure that when a visitor comes to your page thinking that they are looking for shoes only to end up reading about cigarettes.

Making relevant connections between content and links is a great way of improving your bounce rate.

4. Speed

No one enjoys waiting regardless of how much they deny it and internet users are a very impatient bunch, so when you create the website or blog make sure to get rid of any unnecessary elements that might slow down the loading of the page, and leading once more your users to bounce.

In terms of ways to improve bounce rate of a website or blog this is one of the top ones, since users have less time to spare and thus lack patience.

5. Using tabs

Haven’t you ever found yourself in that situation when you click on a link and it loads on the same tab, over the content that you were reading?

Well that happens to quite a lot of people and it can be annoying, so one of the ways to improve bounce rate of a website or blog is to make sure your links open in new tabs instead of using the same original one.

Good luck!

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