4 Insights On Great Examples Of Well Optimized Landing Pages

The article approaches the landing pages and how they can be optimized for better user interaction to ensure a low bounce rate.

Starting with search engine optimization and ending to landing page optimization, the internet raises more standards every day in order to make the average user receive the best search results, with the highest amount of relevance, not to mention a great level of security.

Of course, there are a few slip ups here and there, because while the internet might be a vast network of a ridiculous amount of networks, the administrators of these networks are still human and as a consequence are allowed to make mistakes.

But what it really all comes down to is the fact that while the concept of optimization exists there are no concrete examples of well optimized landing pages that could at least indicate how such an ideal page should be like.

There are a few things that can be optimized in order to reach a better quality of these pages, but once again be certain that you understand that there are no perfect examples of well optimized landing pages, out there that can be used as models.

1. Location, location, location

When you create a landing page and you expected it to make it on the list of examples of well optimized landing pages you need to consider that, just like humans that visit a new country, they have to be told where they are.

Even if it is the virtual environment we are talking about, the feeling of being lost can persist when you don’t have any indication of where you have landed.  So, make sure to inform the visitor where he has landed, but don’t’ overdo it.

Something simple will suffice, and you really might get into the top examples of well optimized landing pages.

2. Layout and design

The first time someone accesses a page they are left with that valuable first impression.  When they land on your page be sure not to hit them with colorful pop-ups or flashy advertisements.

Sometimes the most elegant way to go it to keep it simple otherwise that top stop in the examples of well optimized landing pages will be endangered.

3. Accessibility

Coming back to that first impression, when a user accesses your page the worst thing that can happen is for him, or her, to start looking for your navigation menu or try to read the small print on the left hand side or be left without the ability to go back to the start.

These are all things concerning the easy access that you need to provide, which is certain to be found in the very few examples of well optimized landing pages, at least as a guiding lines.

4. Less is more and keep it simple

When trying to place too many things in the same place some people forget to take into account that the page might end up being suffocating, and even though the intention is to attract the attention of the users, it will be much more pleasant for them if they could relax while navigating, instead of being bombarded by a never ending stream of crowded information.

The list of perfect examples of well optimized landing pages has not yet been created, but there are some websites that come close to perfection, once of which is Adobe.com.

Also if you are trying to extend you members rage and decrease your bounce rate, you can always add the creation of accounts option, it makes the users feel valued and more secure.


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