What Are The Two Important Forms Of Digital Marketing?

This document is the Part 2 of the series with discussion around the two important forms of digital marketing.  You can find the Part 1 of this series covering the meaning, concept, advantages, and examples of digital marketing.

Forms Of Digital Marketing

There are two forms of digital marketing:

1.  Pull Digital Marketing

2.  Push Digital Marketing

Pull Digital Marketing

In pull digital marketing, consumers are trying to seek the marketing content usually through web browsing.  It is also necessary that recipient should allow getting content which is sent to the customers or consumers through internet or email, web feed and text message.

Streaming media (audio and video), blogs and websites are great examples of pull digital marketing.  There are so much interesting articles, topics or particular targets that help to pull all interested viewers.

Users need to make a reliable link of the website to each of these articles, topics or particular targets to view the marketing content.

There are several advanced internet marketing technologies and strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) that grab the attention of desired consumer demographic.

Push Digital Marketing

In Push Digital Marketing, marketing executives are trying to send a message without any permission of recipients.

You can find many advanced technologies or strategies like display advertising on latest blogs and websites.  Web feeds, text messaging and Email service also includes in push digital marketing.

In other words, recipient does not give any permission to get the marketing content in push digital marketing.  You have seen spam in your mail box. Spam is another example of push digital marketing.

Today, push strategies and technologies can transfer marketing content instantly as it is available.  Such types of technologies can target their consumer demographics more effectively and efficiently.

Cost of production and distribution is high whereas audiences are mostly small.  The concept of push digital marketing is known as permission marketing.

Pull Vs. Push Digital Marketing

It is observed that push and pull strategies are often used in conjunction.  You can see that an email may consist of a link or banner to a marketing content download.  It helps marketers to get advantage from both kinds of digital marketing.

Marketing executives always find a reliable way to create awareness about their products or services.

They often try to promote their products or services through digital marketing that helps to engage all of their consumers.  They also find their desired consumers through digital marketing campaign.

Companies when launch their products or add some additional features in their existing products, they are required to have a marketing strategy to promote their products and services.

They always find efficient media technologies that are reliable and affordable.  They target their customers through online marketing strategies.

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