What Are The Characteristics Of Service Marketing?

How To Conduct Services Marketing?

Today the world economy is characterized as a service economy rapidly.  This is primarily due to the increasing importance and share of the service sector in the economies of most developed and developing countries.  Service marketing helps to increase the growth of country’s economic success.

Service marketing is essential in order to stable the economy of the country.  It brings a lot of variations in the products or services.  Services are considered as essential parts of product.  Companies design their products and offer services of how to use those products.

Characteristics Of Service Marketing

Products are physical things whereas services are considered as intangible things.  We can touch products whereas services cannot be touched.  Products have colors, smell or taste whereas services do not have any smell, taste or color.

It is the distinctive feature of service that differentiates it from a product.  There are many organizations that are following the services marketing techniques and policies to promote their services.

There are some key characteristics of service marketing:

1.         Services are unique in their nature as they cannot exactly the same as other services even offered by the same service provider.

2.         There is another unique feature of service is that it cannot be resold or stored once it have been used

Today several organizations are sales oriented and production oriented.  Such types of organizations believe that consumers choose only those companies whose products are readily available.  It demonstrates that organizations were more considered about sale and profit rather than providing good quality and service.

But in present time, the delivery of quality in service and goods has become more precedence.  Organizations are more concerned about selling product-support service.

They provide pre-purchase and post purchase service to their customers so customers will not switch to other company.

There are many research oriented techniques which reveals delivering excellent and quality service to their customers.  It helps firms in making more return or profit.

If companies are offering high quality services to their customers, customers always trust on such companies while buying their services.

Today, there is a high competition among companies and customers have a great choice to select company while buying services.  They have more alternatives in order to buy services.

When companies design their products, they need to deliver services of how to use such products.

You can find many companies in the market that claim to offer high quality services to their clients.  They develop and maintain a trust level and also develop a good relationship among their customers.  So that they a have a great community of loyal customers who always choose such companies while buying their services.

Today, companies want to become a market leader among its competitors.  They face a lot of challenges from their competitors in the market but they can face those challenges in order to satisfy their customers to meet their requirements.

I hope this article on characteristics of service marketing is beneficial for you.  If you want to continue, read article on database marketing analyst.


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