What Are The Characteristics Of Management?

Characteristics Of Management

Management as a process of handling people, products and situations is fast developing into a very integral aspect of people’s lives.  All over the world, people are seeking new ways of managing the various resources that they have.  But for one to truly understand the process of management there is need for that particular person to know the characteristics of management.

There are many characteristics of management.  Some of them have been explained below:

Management Is Goal Oriented, Global And Essential

Some of the characteristics of management are that it is goal oriented, global and important.  When we talk of management as being goal oriented, we generally mean that there is an objective that management aims to accomplish.

This goal might be to eradicate poverty, stop crime or even foster economic development.  Hence with a goal in mind, management becomes effective in addressing issues that are affecting societies or organizations.

Characteristics of management like being global and essential also provide clues as to who can become a good or bad manager.

For instance, those who know that management can apply to all organizations (including the private and public sector) are more productive managers than those who think that management is subjective.

Similarly, good managers know that management is important at each and every level of an organization (if that organization wants to be successful).  While bad managers think that management is only needed at the lowest level of the organization.

Management Is A Process, An Art And Interdisciplinary

Other characteristics of management are that it is a process, a form of art and is interdisciplinary.  Contrary to popular belief, management is not constant.

Management is a continuous process because new goals are always being introduced into an organization, and also people still need to be managed if they are to still remain productive in each and every organization.

Characteristics of management such as being a form of art and interdisciplinary also illustrate the true importance of management to each and every organization.

For example, management is an art since for a manager to control other employees in an organization; there is a big need for that particular manager to be well versed in the art of interpersonal skills.

Similarly, management is interdisciplinary as a manager requires other skills such as psychology, mathematics and sociology (which are individual skills on their own).  These are probably some of the most important characteristics of management.

Management Is A Career, A Social Process And A Sign Of Authority

Characteristics of management like it being a career, a social process and a sign of authority, illustrate some of the functions that it plays in organizations.

As a career, management offers attractive salaries to those people who show potential of managing there fellow people.  And as a social process, management shows that social relationships are important in organizations.

As for being a sign of authority, management relies on directing people to do tasks that will have a particular organization.


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