Top Examples Of Integrated Marketing Communication And Its Role

Integrated Marketing Communication Examples

Currently, with the various communication channels in marketing, it is important to bring them together through linking them up.  This is what has brought forth the integrated marketing communications.  But if this concept is new to you or if you are new to this concept, you may require to have some integrated marketing communication examples to get fully acquainted with what it is all about.

This concept is however very simple as it ensures that all forms of communication are messages are carefully linked up.  The purpose of this linking of the various communication channels in marketing is to ensure there is harmony.  The best example of the integrated marketing communication is in the marketing mix.

The Marketing Mix

To understand any example of the integrated marketing communication examples, you have to understand what the marketing mix is.  This mix involves several tolls and the first is promotion.

This element by itself has several other tolls which are supposed to work in harmony if the best results are to be realized.  To realize these best results, it also takes more than just the harmonization of these tools.

The other integrated marketing communication examples need to also function as one.  These are the vertical, horizontal, external, internal and data integration levels.

How Does Integrated Communication Aid Marketing?

In the marketing mix, integrated marketing communication examples like production, distribution, communication and finance should be designed to work in a way that they send messages to customers.

Also, as in a single business firm there are subsections which perform the same type of work but at more specified levels, integrated marketing communication examples should show how the relevant information from the subsections should be collected and relied to other subsections it is needed.

For example, data from market research is needed by the marketing people to plan the marketing strategies while the data from the marketing subsection is need in the sales subsection to project sales, which is then relied to production people.

Benefits Of Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication examples come in handy.  This is because, even though it is process that requires a lot of effort, it is very beneficial.

The benefits derived from integrated marketing communication examples include; competitive advantage, boosted sales and profits, more saved money and time as well as stress.  Maybe the most critical benefit of integrated marketing communication examples is the effect it has on customers.

It allows customers to move through the various stages of buying and helps to consolidate the company’s image while untiring a good relationship with its customers.

Sourcing For Integrated Marketing Examples

If you are looking for integrated marketing communication examples, how do you get them and from where?  The best source is the internet.  All you need to do is to contact a search and establish which sites have credible material.

The best integrated marketing communication examples should be simple, effective and clear.  Also, they should be able to link all the communication channels used in the institution, both internal and external and make the institution function as one.


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