The Meaning Of Marketing Communication And Its Process

Marketing Communication Process

In marketing, communication forms the main part of the entire marketing event.  Therefore, marketing communication is in a way, the life of any marketing department.  This means the Marketing Communication Process should be held supreme.  Communication can be done in various ways but it lies into two main forms, within communication and without communication.

Marketing communication process in these two categories varies but one this is clear, they both should be effective, clear and understandable by the target.

Within Marketing Communication

This is the marketing communication process that happens when the company.  This is between the various marketing personnel of the company and between the personnel and their superiors.

In a marketing department, there are seniors and juniors.  The marketing communication process in this case can be vertical or horizontal or bottom up.

Vertical which is also known as the top-bottom communication process forms the chain of command. Information is passed from the superiors to the junior members of staff.

Bottom Up And Horizontal Communication Processes

The other form of within communication is between the personnel within a specific job level.  For example, transfer of information between marketing field personnel constitutes horizontal marketing communication process.

But in the current and most effective marketing campaigns today, the bottom-top communication process has proven highly effective.

This is where information originates from the junior staff but is passed to the seniors.  This is the type of communication process used in some of the world renowned companies like the Apple Inc.

Without Marketing Communication Process

Probably the most important marketing communication process is between the marketing officials and the customers.  This is what is referred to as the without marketing process.

This process involves introducing the product to the customer which is a very critical phase in marketing.  There are various marketing communication processes which are applicable in this phase and they include, written content, electronic media, physical and in person.

These processes are employed at different stages of the marketing process and they have different results.

Relevance And Choice Of Communication Process

The choice of a marketing communication process is critical as it might affect how the information is passed.  There are several factors which guide on the selection of the process.

One of them is the role of the marketing campaign.  Marketing can be done so as to prepare the market for the release of a product or, to increase preference of a product already in the market.

The marketing campaign for preparation is meant to keep the market in a receptive mood.  The other factor is the scale of the campaign.  If it is nationwide, then such tools like posters and the multimedia come in handy.

All these factors point towards one thing; the marketing communication process chosen should be effective.

If it is a campaign to prepare the market for the release of a product, it should be able to electrify the market in readiness of the product as for everyone to want to try is when it is released.

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