How To Develop A Brand Marketing Strategy?

Brand Marketing Strategy

In first two articles you got a brief overview of product marketing strategy and strategic marketing process example.  In this article we will put some more light on brand marketing strategy and its method.  Companies always use brand marketing strategy in order to develop long term relationships with their customers.  They develop trust level about products among their customers.

Why Brand Name is Important?

Today, organizations use all of their resources and assets such as capital, talent and time in order to represent their products efficiently.  They represent the positive status of their product and services in the mind of their customers.

Brand marketing strategy is used to represent the exact picture and quality of products or services offered by different organizations.  Companies use different advertising techniques in order to create awareness about their product’s specifications.

Brand represents the reliability of products or services.  Promotional techniques are helpful to create awareness about company’s brands among potential customers.

Qualities Of Good Brand Names

As we discussed earlier, that brands contain emotional or psychological attachment with the customer will increase the sales.  This is an ultimate goal of brand marketing strategy.

Here are some key features to select brand name to do brand marketing.

Brand marketing strategy is used to evoke positive relationships among customers

Customers can easily remember and pronounce brand’s names.

Brand represents product benefits

Brands are used to create distinction among different companies

Companies are required to select their brand’s name very carefully because it conveys huge information about products to their customers. There are two kinds of brand’s names.

Family brand names:

All products use family brand names.  Companies are trying to build a level of trust and loyalty to the family brands names among their customers.  There are some examples in shoe industry such as Hushpuppies, service and Bata.  If one of the above products gets bad reputation, it will produce a huge problem for family brand names.

Individual brand names:

An individual brand name will not recognize a brand with a specific company.  For example, take the case of Halal.  Halal is a leading global food manufacturer with a very strong family brand.

Why does Halal use individual brand names when it has such a strong family brand name?

There are so many reasons why a brand is required to have a different reputation or identity.

The product can face competitors in the market where chances of failure can provide the harm to the reputation of product.

The family brand names should target the market segment successfully.

Brand can be acquired by other companies.

Customers are highly satisfied with the company’s brands and their quality.  Brands show the quality of products.  Loyal customers always choose those companies whose brands are well known due to quality, performance and reliability.

I hope after reading this informative article on brand marketing strategy, you will be able to start your own brand name.  If you are looking for characteristics of service marketing and database marketing analyst, you can continue reading this series.


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