How to build and promote an online spice store

This post is a part of online business building and promotion series.

1. Naming: Decide on name for online sales interface. It can be or something similar. It can be different than the name of your business.

2. Add Blog: While you are getting the unit ready (if you plan to manufacture yourself) – start a blog on the above URL and write about topics – like exotic spices and dishes that can be made with spices you will be producing.

3. Partnerships: Tie up with stores like Walmart and other retail chains.

4. E-Commerce: Build an eCommerce portal – like Bitspicy or Purespice.

Also look at TastyBite for design inspiration.

Nothing elaborate is needed, just showcase products and connect to a payment gateway.

5. Sell using a third-party major platform

You can sell on Amazon – details here.

Here are few examples

6. Social Media and Online Promotion: Build social media presence mainly on Facebook… no need to worry too much about it but create a page for presence and make one posts a day there.

At launch you can create hampers priced around – 500-900 and use Google adwords to sell. You can also run offers on Facebook.

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