Epic Content

Why do you read articles online?

Chances are you read it to gain knowledge (with an intent to apply it in your professional or personal life).

Think about which sites you go back often because you trust them to offer useful content.

If you dig deep – you will notice that these are the sites (online resources) which offer you epic content.

Now you may ask –

What is epic content?

Epic content is the content which is not available on any other website and offer manifold value than any other resource.

Normally epic blog posts are long and detailed – but they need not be long always (with too many words) but should provide immense value – more than one can expect to get at one single place.

Why epic content?

People tend to share epic content because of the value it gives.

In today’s world sharing happens over social media.

More tweets, more Facebook likes and shares – are seen as signals of value by search engines. So search engines tend to rank them higher. High rankings mean more traffic. So epic content creates a viral cycle of more visitors and authority – helping your brand and other posts on websites.

Epic content – how and what

Learn as much as you can about the topic you want to write about. Ready only high quality content.

Good if you have practiced that you intent to preach through epic content.

Write and sleep over it. Come back and remove fluff words and filler content.

Hopefully now you are ready to create epic content.

Go and win it.

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