Entry Level Writing Jobs: A good way to make money online

Entry Level Writing Jobs

The recession being experienced throughout the world has affected a lot of people. Many individuals have lost their jobs and thousands more have experienced a lot of wage cuts.  More job cuts looming on the horizon, many of us are now turning to the internet as a solution. In this scenario entry level writing jobs are increasingly becoming popular as means of earning more.

Advantages of Entry Level Writing Jobs

1. You do not need a lot of experience to get started.

2. You can do it – from anywhere in the world. You with a good internet connection and a laptop.

3. You can do it while in a job for additional income or as a student for pocket money.

4. This can serve as your stepping stone into the world of online writing.

5. It is a writing job – so it improves your communication skills. This is helpful in all walks of life.

Where To Find These Jobs?

There is no one way to find these jobs.

Job Boards: You can find this on large job boards and job search engines like Indeed and SimplyHired with keyword as entry level writing jobs.

Content Marketplaces: Like Textbroker.

Craigslist: Go to writing/editing jobs. You can try out listings for various cities – staring with your own region.

Freelance Opportunities sites: Like Elance and Freelancer.

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What to do when you get started?

1. It is important to meet client expectations. Be prompt in sharing proposals and subsequent communication. Adhere to deadline. If you are able to do it – you will get god feedback and chances of better paid assignments with same or other clients.

What kind of entry level jobs are available?

There are plenty of entry-level writing jobs that people can do out there.

You can entry level writing jobs in the area of copy writing, resume writing, sales writing, article writing and academic writing.  All these writing jobs require different skills, which you can develop over time.

For example, in a copy writing job, you need to be able to write convincing copy that will make sure that whosoever is reading the copy will be convinced to buy the products that are on sale.

Entry level article writing require people to be able to write articles that are not only informative but interesting as well.

Sales writing and resume writing also need similar skills set from people who want to make money from them.

Hope this is enough info for you to get started.

Do you have any entry level writing experience to share?

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