Difference Between Web Copywriting And SEO Content Writing

Difference According To Definition

Many people might be confused in understanding the difference between web copywriting and SEO content writing.  This article is a guide to help you understand clearly the difference between the two.  Web copywriting by definition is simply hiring the services of a web content writer to create and post unique and original content on the website.

On the other hand SEO content writing involves creation of highly creative content that will boost ranking of a website by the search engines.  The later is usually done through keyword optimization that attracts the search engines to rank them higher than other websites.

Web Copywriting Vs. SEO Content Writing

Other Differences

Web copywriting and SEO content writing are currently on an increased demand due to high incomes that are associated with them.  Web copywriting is usually targeted on the target audience meaning that information provided should be both original and engaging so as to retain visitors long enough on the site.

As much as the ultimate target of the two is to increase traffic to a specific website, the difference is evident on the direct target of the content.  While web copywriting mainly targets the readers and visitors of a site, SEO content writing is directly targeted on the search engines.

SEO content is basically composed of optimized keywords that are captured by the search engines hence making more useful to the researchers.

The two services are commonly used together to increase sales by a company hence the need to have professional experts in carrying out the tasks.

While copywriters are required to be versatile in creating content to any category of task assigned to them, SEO content writer should be able to pick the right keywords and use them properly in the content without keyword stuffing thus increasing their traceability by the search engines.

While SEO content writing helps in improving search engine ranking, content writing simply advertises a website to the people.  Therefore it can be said that copy writing will assist your web pages to be indexed appropriately making them appear in the right searches.

Considering this factor, the work of content writers will be simply to work on visitor critical pages and copywriters assigned to work on non-visitor critical pages.

Pointing out on the definitions and targets of web copywriting and web content writing, it can be deduced that copywriting is a more demanding task as compared to SEO content writing.

SEO content writing may be composed of boring and uninformative content but keyword optimized in the right way as expected by the search engines.

The content does not need to be quite informative and impressive as nobody will read it while on the other hand copywriting involves writing content that is targeted for people to read and find what they are looking for.

The main aim of copywriting is advertising the site to users by promoting the home page making it appealing to people to a point of making sales while SEO content writing is aimed mainly at increasing a website ranking by the search engines even without promotional literature in them.

These are some of the simple differences between web copywriting and SEO content writing.


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