7 Of The Best Productive Things To Do Online

There are a lot of constructive or productive things to do online.

This depends on how much time you have.

Take your pick 🙂

1. Learn new stuff.

This is better done – by not mindless surfing – but by deciding on a theme for your online learning.

Entire web is available for your to browse.

If you are not sure – then you can do mindless surfing for few days and once you decide on theme – you can choose 4-5 leading websites in your chosen area and move ahead with learning.,

For structured learning – you can go for paid option – which there are plenty.

A starting point can be to read eBooks on your chosen topics.

You can check out Amazon or starts ups like Hyperink to find an eBook of your choice.

2. Get to inbox zero.

If you are tired or simply bored – work on emptying your inbox.

You can reply to email – that need a brief response and just delete or archive email that need not be archived.

3. Read product reviews and plan your future purchase.

If you are planning on buying a book or a gadget – then all of us head to web for recommendations.

Rather than doing at last moment, do it early and be relaxed and ready when time for actual purchase comes.

4. Catch up with friends and family.

Chat with friends and family – with whom you have out of touch.

Make Skype calls to those overseas.

5. Do research about your project/venture.

Use tools like Google trends, read what thought leaders are writing.

List potential ideas to brainstorm ideas later with friends and colleagues.

Even better build a prototype.

6. Find opportunities to make money online.

You can head over to sites like oDesk or Elance to find online learning opportunities.

If you are a blogger – then you can check out jobs for bloggers at Problogger Job Board.

There are freelance job opportunities listed at sites like Freelance Switch.

7. Play online games.

Rare is a person – who does not like to play online games.

So ditch any hesitation and enjoy to the fullest.

Playing online – as some people may tell you – is not total waste of your time. It helps you improve intellectual skills efficiently.


So opportunities galore to spend your time online in a productive fashion.


(Updated on 12/25/2012 with inputs from editor)

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