8 Most Common Characteristics Of A Good Manager

No one management can ask you to be a manager.  If you are into the process of taking management in your hand, then certainly becoming a good manager is not far from you.  The only reason is that now you have achieved one of the most important characteristics of a good manager and that is self motivation.  If you are not able to motivate yourself then you cannot motivate others.

The characteristics of a good manager can be identified in their various circumstances such as personal characteristics, business characteristics, communication characteristics, relationship characteristics, etc.  These characteristics are also known as traits and qualities of a good manager.

1.  Self motivation

I would like to put this characteristic as one of the primary characteristics of a good manager.  So, what motivates you to become a manager or are you born to be a manager?  Let’s have a comment below.

2.  Knowledge of industry

In order to keep the record of total financial structures (revenue and expenditure), a good manager posses the characteristics of industry knowledge.  Workers do not require having that much of knowledge about the industry, but the manager should.  The knowledge of industry means the knowledge of products and services, customers, campaigns, employees, human resources, public relations, and the accounts.

3.  Communication

A good manager cannot be beaten by any other person in terms of both verbal and written communication.  This is how you communicates with your internal management, boss, staff, workers, and the most importantly clients.  You should be able to send a clear-cut message whenever needed in whichever forms such as verbal or written forms.

4.  Honesty

Honesty is the best policy.  This actually brings your thought a real stand all over in your industry.  You are the real hero of an organization and more important even than boss and workers.  This means your characteristics not only can be noticed by all staffs but can be followed, so do you think a good manager should be honest?

5.  Presentations

Whether it comes to business presentations or product presentations, a good manager always tries to keep the presentations up-to-date and upfront.  This helps building a brand and thus more businesses.

6.  Customer service

Customer service is what making recurring sales from the existing customers.  It is more important because you do not have to find a new customer all the time, just keep up with existing customers.  If you are able to make existing customers satisfied, then you can imagine you are having a good customer service.

7.  Media presence

Online presence or offline presence?  I mean both are equally important.  It is like advertising online and selling offline.  A good manager ensures their brand to be present all the places where the chances of the new customers are.

8.  Collaboration

A good manager keeps the door open for all as long as others are beneficial for their organization.  When needed they promote their internal staff in order to improve the qualities of services.


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