7 Of The Most Widely Used Activities Of Digital Marketing

Looking at the demand of best information, this document is the Part 3 of the series where the discussion is going around the most widely used activities of digital marketing.  You can find the Part 2 about the two important forms of digital marketing and the Part 1 of this series covering the meaning, concept, advantages, and examples of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Activities

You can find a huge variety of digital marketing channels which allow different activities that help companies to promote their products and services.  Companies use these channels to create awareness about their products and services.

There are 7 activities of digital marketing that includes:

1.         Social network marketing

2.         Search engine marketing (SEO)

3.         Open source innovation

4.         Viral marketing

5.         Experiment based market research

6.         Web analytics

7.         Reputation management

Activities Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an excellent way where marketing fulfills different kinds of latest media like video games, cell phones, etc.

Digital marketing has a wide range of activities but these are the most preferred.

Social network marketing

In social network marketing, marketers use different websites or social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, etc. to promote their products or services.

They understand the requirements of their customers and learn their buying habits in order to design products according to their demands.  Social networking sites best help understanding consumer behavior while active interaction.

Search engine marketing (SEO)

Search engine optimization is an example of digital marketing that helps to optimize or rank the websites of companies on the first page of search engines like most used Google and Yahoo.  With the information overload, today it’s not easy to rank well in search engines without seeking help of an SEO expert.

Customers can easily find their concerned websites or product information by entering some keywords in search engine.  Customers can easily find and explore their required products according to their expectations through SEO.

Open source innovation

Open source innovation is also an example of digital marketing.  It is concerned with designers of independent services and products or clients.  This practice helps businesses generating the customer data for best possible database marketing.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is another great example of digital marketing.  Let’s say, you create a video that people would like and love to share with peers, friends, family, colleagues, etc.

Explore the unexplored areas so that people can enjoy with such types of funny videos and can share with their family and friends.  There is so much fun and entertainment in viral marketing.

Experiment based market research

In this marketing technique, marketers are required to learn about buying habits through websites or social media.  They also need to search out product description and look out which product has more sales.

Without experiment, you cannot reach final conclusion and the best answer.  Thus, a good student always should say “no more theory please !”, just practical, practice, and perfect practice.

Web analytics

Marketers are required to analyze different data or information through web pages to produce attractive ads, set prices and make decisions about details regarding different services or products and improve their quality and design.

Reputation management

They need to see and track the feedback about product quality and brand.  They improve the image of brand through reputation management.  It is the ultimate activity of digital marketing.  This practice helps with continuous conversion.

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