5 Key Features Of Personal Digital Assistant To Consider

Personal Digital Assistant-Key Features

Technological advancements has got the present day under considerable revolution.  There are quite a number of personal digital assistants PDA’s in the market.  This alone has made it difficult for buyers to decide on the best model for themselves.  The top key features of personal digital assistant that one should always consider are discussed below.  You should therefore ensure that the device you intend to buy has some of these features if not all of them.

1. Windows mobile

This is one of the essential operating systems for personal digital assistants.  This feature is considered as the most important for PDA’s as it provides you absolutely everything that you need.

This operating system is advantageous due to its variety of programs that you may require for use.  It has other basic and necessary features such as contacts, email, calendar, appointments among others.

With the help of windows mobile, all the key features of a PDA can be put into one single device.  Instant emailing has been the core concept that had not been developed for PDA’s but now you can access that through windows mobile.

For a long time Blackberry has been the only device with this feature of receiving instant emails. Check out on the presence of windows mobile for you to benefit from this crucial feature.

2. Wi-Fi

Do you really know the advantage of having Wi-Fi in your device?  This is a very significant feature of PDA’s.  It is important because you can simply continue accessing internet connections in places where there is a wireless signal at very low rates.

This advantage has made PDA’s more useful in terms of internet connection at very good rates.  Quite often people complain of high internet service provider charges.

With a Wi-Fi enabled PDA, this has been solved completely as you can adjust your data charges but still have a fast internet connection.  Devices without Wi-fi but still have expandable memory can add this feature.

3. Expandable memory

The built in memory of any PDA devise is always not enough hence the need to have an expandable memory for addition of more applications that are not available.

A good example of an expandable memory is the use of SD cards that are both cheap and able to hold more PDA features.  The cards usually come in different sizes hence you can have one of your choice.

Other SD cards that are quite useful are such as the TV tuner SD cards for watching TV through your PDA and the Wi-Fi SD cards for wireless internet connection on your PDA.

4. High resolution display

This of all the features seems to be the one that touches many people.  PDA’s are made of different sizes and styles but a good resolution display is quite significant.  Colored screens with a 265k color display is perfect.

Touch screen also adds up to the smart display of good PDA’s.  Medium sizes are good to allow easy portability of the device wherever you are.  A screen resolution of 640 x 480 and 320 x 240 is always perfect for any PDA.

5. QWERTY keyboard

This is the latest feature that almost all PDA’s are taking.  This keyboard is a good one for easy input of data to the device as they are faster than other types of text inputs.

Qwerty keyboards allow for easy browsing while typing various inputs.  In case your PDA does not have this type of keyboard, it is important that you consider a type that you can be able to connect to an external keyboard wirelessly.

These among many others are the key features of personal digital assistant that you should always consider before buying one.


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