4 Essential Marketing Communication Tools For Any Business

Tools For Marketing Communication

In marketing, communication is the main feature and it has been described by some as the “blood” of any marketing campaign.  For any marketing campaign to be successful, the marketing communication tools should be effective.  An effective communication in marketing should be informative and pass out the information is a simple, clear and understandable manner.

Communication in marketing is in two forms, within the company and without.  Without marketing is of critical importance as it links the company with the customers.  The without marketing communication tools requires tools to carry it through.

Marketing Communication Tools

With categorization of the marketing communication tools into tolls, makes understanding, analyzing and comparison of the various elements easier.

Communication in marketing should then be geared towards improving communication and the choice of the tools should be based on effectiveness in passing the message.

Written Marketing Communication

This is the main form of marketing communication tools.  This is used for both the within and the without communication.  The various tools used in this include posters, catalogs, yellow pages, news, Websites, packaging, documentation, coupons, magazines, branding and many other tolls.

The choice of any of the marketing communication tools in written category depends on the effectiveness that will be gained.

For example, if it is the history of a product it is best placed on the company’s website, but for the ingredients used in a products, are best when included in the packaging.

Spoken Communication Marketing

Spoken words are probably the main marketing communication tools.  This is because marketing is all about person to person interaction.  Moreover, the spoken word is in most cases more convincing and more trustworthy.

But not everyone can make use of this marketing communication tools tool, those who prove to be the best have a kind of personality that is right for the role.

Spoken marketing involving engaging the customer on a one on one basis and the customer has the opportunity to ask question about the product.

The marketing communication tolls under this category include telephone, in person, instant messages like Skype video call, TV and radio among others.

Physical Marketing Communication

This is the marketing communication tools where most retail marketers fall.  The tolls in this category include the size, the color, the point of sale and promotional items in offer for the product.

This encompasses the physique of the product and the factors include are mostly on customer preference.

Moreover, the marketing agent has little effect on these during the marketing communication tools because once the product is designed and out of the factory, they are already set.

Multimedia Marketing Communication

This is probably the most current and highly used marketing communication tools as at now.  This is because, most customer are now found online and are reachable through online services, electronic media and such other related sources.

This category is however best for those who have the technical know how.  If you are not able to create a website for instance, you are done on this category.  The tool used include radio, online events, underwriting and TV and of course websites.


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