Why Conversation Starter Questions Are Necessary?

Conversation Starter Questions

In order to keep the dialogue continuous, conversation starter questions help the moment beautiful.  Silence when is alone may be okay but odd when especially there is someone else around.  Unless there are some solid reasons why there is silence, it should be avoided.  Everyone has a whole lot of experiences that he or she can discuss with his or her partner instead of being silent.  There are also things that are beyond your understanding and you can inquire from your partner about his or her knowledge on them.

There is therefore no good reason why you should be silent.  One way to get a conversation going is by throwing conversation starter questions to your partner.  The partner is expected to give the answer and you will give your opinion or experience and this gets the conversation moving.

Factors That Will Determine The Conversation Questions That You Choose

The choice of the conversation starter questions you opt will depend on certain factors that are discussed below.

  • Relationship

The relationship between you and the person next to you will determine the questions that you throw to him or her.  Relationships will differ from lovers, parents, friends and strangers.  It is obvious that a question to your lover cannot be the same as the question to your parent.  For instance you may ask your lover about her perfect night out place but not you parent.

  • Occupation

The occupation or field of specialization of your partner will also determine the choice of question you use to get the conversation going.  If the person next to you is a pastor, it would be odd to enquire from him about fishing unless he is an expert in that.  Therefore occupations are also an important factor.

Areas That The Questions Should Touch

Everyone has a whole lot of experiences in many different fields.  But there are those that cut across most of us that one can use for the conversation starter questions.  These are mentioned below.

  • History

Everybody has something in his memory that happened in the past.  There are many questions that one can get from this field.  For instance, how was the situation during colonization?

  • Foods

There are unique tastes that every individual loves and this will differ from person to person.  Therefore the dietary field has many questions that can be derived from it.  For instance, which is your favorite dish, how do you like fish served?

  • Geography

The surroundings also provide a good source of questions.  Possible questions may be phrased like have you been to china, would you like to go to the lake and many more.

  • Experiences

Our past experiences leave us with many narrations that we can make.  The places we visit, the movies and music we watch have a lot that we can speak about.

What To Avoid

When choosing these conversation starter questions there are two things you need to avoid.

1.         Irrelevant question.  Take a keen consideration of the relationship, occupation and the age difference of your partner.

2.         Avoid question that may de-motivate or remind your partner of bad past experiences.


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