Green Marketing Definition

What is green marketing?

For a very long period of time the issue on the management and conservation of the environment particularly in relation to global warming has been on everybody’s lips.  Truth be told, this issue has of late been influencing various aspects of the human lifestyle including Businesses.  This is where the green marketing comes in.  Green marketing definition also known as environmental marketing is the promotion of products and services that are reputed to be friendly to the environment.

Evolution Of Green Marketing

Green marketing has undergone a number of evolutions which include:

Ecological green marketing:  This phase was at the time when environmental awareness was at its initial stages.  At this time the main concern was on how to tackle the pressing environmental concerns.

Environmental green marketing:  During this phase the real concerns were addressed as organization came up with products that were to regulate pollution and minimize on waste.

Sustainable green marketing:  The main focus during this phase was on how to make the solutions realized during the prior phases last. It also focused on how best to integrate this practice into business.

Green Marketing Basics

It’s important for any business to understand the basics of green marketing so as to fully reap from its benefits which are;

The green marketing claims should be just.  Businesses should not give consumers reason to doubt their green marketing credibility.  This can be done by clearly giving the required details so as to erase all kinds of doubt.

Balance basic consumer needs with environmental issues.  As much as green marketing is important to the business, it will lack importance if the product fails to meet the required needs of the consumer.  The importance of consumer satisfaction needs not to be overlooked.

Address the consumer’s doubts on product performance and price.  A good number of   consumers tend to be skeptical on performance of the product and price.  By clearly stating how the integration of the product with environmental regulation standards has been carried out will surely make customers confident of the product.

The company should go ahead and explain how these will affect the price.  This will end up educating the consumer and it is said that an educated consumer is definitely a loyal consumer.

Business Involved In Green Marketing

With the rising concern for environmental conservation, many people are in need of products that are ‘green’.  This realization has resulted in all manner of organizations rushing to tap in into this emerging environmentally friendly market.

Importance Of Green Marketing

With increase in human population and an even greater strain on the available resources, businesses ought to use the available resources efficiently.  Green marketing has the tendency of making a business seem environmentally friendly which consequently means that it is concerned about the community.

For any business this is a good thing because it builds up its public image.  With the environmental awareness campaign many prospective customers have opted for environmentally safe products and services.

With this in mind, many more businesses should embrace green marketing.  Green marketing is the only solution for such a prospective market.  After all, isn’t business all about capturing the interests of the market?


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