Social Media Facts And Figures

Social media facts and figures are very important and they are used mostly by the management of these media to make decision and also evaluate their performance.  Researchers will never have time to rest.  This is due to the nature and importance of their work.  The statistics that are released from research are very important in decision making in the relevant field.  The field of social media also needs statistics to help the stakeholders in making certain decisions.

The importance of these facts and figures is stressed due to the rapid changes that occur every day on the web.  Statistics show that there are around 48 billion mobile users in the world.  With this high number, the social media facts and figures are important in order to trace how they are progressing.  Below are facts and figures of some social media networks that are awesome.

Social Media Facts And Figures:  Twitter

This is a social hub that has a lot of interesting stories and facts.  You are guaranteed to catch your favorite celeb’s tweets here.  The network releases breaking news as they occur.

Twitter facts and figures

  • Have more than 465 million accounts from all over the world.
  • Around 756 million tweets are made per day.
  • New users increase by about 1 million every day.
  • Countries with the highest number of users are USA, seconded by Brazil and then Japan.

Social Media Facts And Figures:  Facebook

Facebook is a social network that evolves everyday with new features for its users to explore.  The mobile applications, timeline and games are recent features that have been added.  Facebook has some interesting facts and figures.

Facebook facts and figures

  • Have more than 100 billion total connections since its launch.
  • More female users than male users.
  • 425 billion of the total users use mobile phones
  •  More than 200 million uploads are made per day.
  • Around 2.7 billion click on the like button every day.

Social Media Facts And Figures:  Google +

Google’s social networking media which was launched in the year 2011.  It is picking the momentum after Google’s new policy that every Google account must be accompanied by a Google+ account.

Google + facts and figures

  • Total of 10 million users.
  • Google + has more males users than female users.
  • Around 625000 new users are registered on a daily basis.
  • Launched in June 2011.

Social Media Facts And Figures:  YouTube

YouTube has changed the way videos were shared.  It has simplified some activities such as advertisements, demonstration many and other activities on the web.  It is also a powerful search engine used by many web users.

YouTube facts and figures

  • More than 2 billion videos are viewed every day.
  • Contributes to more than 10% of the traffic on the net.
  • The number of daily uploads of videos amounts to 800000.
  • Most of the users are youths and middle aged adults (12-34 yrs).

Social Media Facts And Figures:  Linkedln

A social network that offers platform where professionals can meet, interact and exchange ideas.  Most of the users are located in the US.

Linkedln facts and figures

  • Have more than 150 million users or accounts.
  • Around 60% of its users are from the rest parts of the word apart from USA.
  • 1 new account is created in every 1 second.

With these social media facts and figures the stakeholders can make conclusive decisions.


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