Introduction To Online Lead Generation And Techniques

The focus of any firm is to make sales.  Online lead generation techniques focus on getting you to the first and most important step of getting to the consumer.  In today’s internet world, the way to a person’s pocket has been made a little more complicated than simply showing up on their screen with your product.  There are literally hundreds and thousands of competitors out there.

What Exactly Is Online Lead Generation?

Well, online lead generation focuses on getting consumers to take interest in your product or service.  They would typically leave their contacts with you or find a way of getting in touch.

The contact information is the lead.  Getting them to give you that information is the lead generation.  It is important to use the most efficient lead generation technique for your target market.

How To Use Leads?

Leads present a unique opportunity for further communication.  Any wizened salesman will tell you, sales is all about trust.  You see, the consumer must trust that you are able to deliver on what you are promising.  They do not simply part with their hard earned dollars for anything they stumble upon.  Lead generation presents a great opportunity for building trust.

Irrespective of your online lead generation technique, you need to make sure that once you have it, you can use it effectively.  The best way to use leads to build trust is to use them as a channel for open, helpful and sales-free communication.

Most consumers will quickly be turned off if you use the lead to send them emails that are full of sales pitch and constantly shoving products up their inboxes.  What you want to do is to help solve their problems.

The Rule Of Trust And Value

Use leads to offer insight and add value to the customer.  Offer them free advice, free content, free products, something, really anything relevant that would add value to them.  Ensure that they learn that you are there to help them, not to sell to them.  Show them that you are an expert in your field and that you are more than that: you are their friend.

After you have given them value, give them even more free value.  Cement your trust relationship, and then push your sales agenda very subtly.  Once they trust you, they will buy from you.

What Are The Best Online Lead Generation Techniques?

The first technique you should be using is SEO.  According to Webmarketing123, SEO contributes the largest percentage to B2B and B2C lead generation.  Funny enough, out of all the online lead generation techniques, it usually the least funded.  Paying more attention to this technique will get you far.

Another great technique is Pay Per Click adverts on search engines and social media.  Search engines optimize the adverts to appear when certain keywords are searched making it a very relevant method.  Other methods include Social Media marketing, lead generating websites, blogging, e-newsletter among others.

With any online lead generation techniques, especially if you are small scale, pick a few and do them well.  Don’t spread yourself thin and lose out on maximizing on one technique.


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