How To Write A Persuasive Essay Outline?

Persuasive Essay Writing

An essay is meant to convince your audience to believe in a certain side of an argument.  Therefore when writing an essay you need to know what way you will use to persuade your audience and leave them on the particular side of the argument.  This calls for a certain strategy that you should use to ensure that the audience is actually persuaded to one side.  To be effective, you need to have an outline of the essay that you shall follow when doing the actual writing.  Keep reading to why the outline is important and how to write a persuasive essay outline.

Why An Outline Of The Essay Is Important?

An outline is very important when writing a persuasive essay.  The outline will enable you to design the structure that you shall use when writing the essay.  The main points shall be listed in the outline and then organized according to their order of importance.

This will ensure that the content flows well and no important point is left out.  Without an outline, some important things may be overlooked and the essay may not be persuasive as such.  Therefore an outline is of great importance.

There are tips that can guide one on how to write a persuasive essay outline.  These guidelines may change from setting to setting but can provide a general way of writing the outline.  If followed, your persuasive article shall be of high quality.  Keep reading!

Tips On How To Write A Persuasive Essay Outline

1.         Familiarize yourself with the main argument of the essay

The writer should ensure that he or she is familiar with the argument.  This will need a clear understanding of what you need the audience to believe or adapt to.

2.         Thesis statement

The thesis statement should be written down.  This is the statement of your argument. It should be included at the top of your essay and also in the last sentence of the first paragraph of the essay.

3.         List all the points to support the argument

A list of at least 5 points that shall be used to convince that audience should be listed next.  These points should be convincing without a lot of explanation.

4.         List the example or facts you will use to support the point above

The points that support your arguments need to be based on particular examples or facts in order to be persuasive.  The writer may also use other supporting items such as demonstrations, history, theories and many more.

5.         List the opposing statement for all your supporting points

All your points that support the argument may have an opposing statement.  List the possible opposing statement for all these points.

6.         Defend your supporting points based on these opposing statement

Defend your argument from the side of opposing stamen.  These points shall act as rebuttal to the opposing statement.

The outline is now ready and you can write the persuasive essay.  Introduce the argument in the first paragraph and have a paragraph for each supporting point, with its example or fact, opposing statement and the defense.  Also remember to conclude the essay.


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