How To Write A Media Release For An Event?

The competition for a news space or air time in the media is so stiff.  To have your event covered, you really have to write a winning media release.  The strategy you use should give you the advantage of others who may have the same interest as you.  Remember the journalist shall pick on the best and therefore you have to be nothing but the best.  Therefore you need to have wide knowledge on how to write a media release for an event.

Media release can offer publicity to your event without incurring charges like in advertisements.  Therefore you should ensure that you utilize this chance effectively.  When writing a media release for an event there are certain basic thing you need to remember and put them into practice.  Here is the guide.

How To Write A Media Release For An Event?

There is a basic procedure that you need to follow in order to produce that release that will be picked by the journalist.  Here are the steps.

Prepare The Media Release For The Event

In order to have an effective media release you need to prepare adequately on what you are going to write about.  This will involve writing down the main points that are relevant to your event that the public needs to know.

After writing them down, order them based on their importance or relevance to the event and how they flow.  This is very important in order not to leave anything out.

Writing The Media Release

The next step is now writing the release.  There are two parts that you need to be very keen about.

1.         Headline

The writer should ensure that the choice of headline picked is appropriate.  This is what the journalist reads first and determines whether he or she should continue or not.  So it should capture the attention of the journalist and create a desire of reading more.  Always remember the first line matters most.

2.         Body of the release

The content of the event that you want the public informed about should be included here.  It is what the journalist shall actually read in order to determine whether you are fit for the air time or not.  Here are some guidelines which if observed they will guarantee you a space in the news.

  • High quality and relevant content – Ensure that the content in the release is of high quality and meets the necessary standards.  The content must be relevant to your event since that is what the release is all about.
  • Ensure that all the listed points are included.  They should explain the who, how when and where it occurred.  If they do not make sense go back to the preparation stage.
  • Stick to facts and vital contents – No fluff is required. State the facts as they are and only the vital content should be included.
  • Ensure that the release is interesting to the reader and keep it short.  Long releases may be boring or there may be no that much time for such releases.
  • Recheck for error in the releases to ensure that it is perfect.


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