How To Play AVI Files On Windows Media Player?

Trying To Play Avi Files on the windows media player may be sometimes irritating since they may not play.  Other formats may be playing well but what if the files at your disposal are in the avi format?  Mostly after try to open the avi file, the windows media player frame opens but then goes blank immediately.

You do not need to worry since this is common amongst many users and there are ways on how to play avi files on windows media player.  Keep reading to fix the issue.

How To Play Avi Files On Windows Media Player?

There are a number of ways that one can use to fix this issue and the method used will determine on whether the avi files played previously or they have never played.  If the avi files have never played on your windows media player, this means that there is a problem with the codec package that you are using and needs to be changed.  Below is how to fix this problem.

Installing Codec Packs

For windows media player to play the avi files, the codec packs you are using must be compatible with the avi format.  By default, windows media player should be able to play the avi files but installing third party software may have changed this.

Therefore you need to install or reinstall the codec pack for your windows media player.  There are many codec packages that are available that are compatible with avi file formats.  These include the xvid codec, k-lite codec pack and others that are available for download.

The packs should then be installed and the issue shall be fixed.  But if the files still don’t play may be there are some issues and you may still try the below options.

There are certain cases that the avi files played previously but have all over sudden stopped.  This will usually mean that the windows media player has some corrupt files or there may be a change in the setting.  Here is how to fix the two issues.

Revert To Restore Point

If some files are corrupt, you should restore your machine to the restore point that you had backed up.  This will restore the previous state of the windows media player.  But if you had had turned off system restore you may consider reinstalling the codec packs or the whole windows media player package.

Check The File Types Association

Another issue may be with the settings, May be the avi file type has not been associated with your window media player.  To fix this follow the steps below.

1.         Open the windows media player.

2.         Click on the tools menu, and then select on options.

3.         On the option window that opens, click on the file types tab.

4.         Ensure that the window video file (avi) is selected. If not you need to select it.

If all the do not work consider reinstalling the windows media player.  I guarantee the avi files shall play.  Enjoy you videos.


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