How To Find People For Free On The Internet?

Finding people online has been made easier by different web based resources that make it possible to access people’s names, location or even employment history.

Using Google To Find People

Google is one of the best services to start your search for people on the internet.  Personal information such as phone numbers and addresses can be sourced using Google.

Finding a person’s phone number using Google simply entails typing that person’s name with quotation marks, the results are likely to show if the number has ever been listed on the internet.

Google also enables reverse lookup using phone numbers.  What this means is that phone numbers can be used to provide additional information such as a person’s address and name via Google

Finding a person is further simplified by Google Maps.  What Google Maps does is pinpoint the location based on the address.  The person’s address can be used to view the neighborhood and find directions to their locations.

Google news alert is also another way of finding a person for free on the internet.  A person’s information delivery is only possible if that person is documented on the internet.

The Google news alerts makes it possible to select your search criteria using parameters like:  the nature in terms of volume of the news alerts, type of information being sought and the frequency of the news alerts

Locating People Using Social Networks

Social media networking sites have made finding people easier using the internet.  The huge numbers these sites have in-terms of membership and useful tools for locating any information that might interest a person.  Social networking sites are valuable resources when trying to locate someone on the internet.

Most social networking sites many search people options including email, conduct a search alphabetically or name search.  Social networks allow for mutual friends search, this is a feature where by it’s possible to go through other people’s profile to access their friend’s information.

Find People Using Public Records

Public records are maintained by the relevant state authorities and usually contain information that could be used to locate people.  These public records contain numerous useful information that could be used in locating people; this information could be license records, land deeds or tax records.

Public records present easy access to the various government resources and all that is needed is the person phone number, name or social security number to begin the search.

Using People Search Engines

People search engines are a great resource for finding people for free on the internet.  People search engines enable finding because they are built to focus their search on information related to people.  This simply means that the result will probably yield more information as opposed to using general search engines.

People search engines are effective in finding people on the internet, because they are able to search across different person related resources such as databases and social networking sites.  Some of these people search engines include Pipl, Wink, and PeekYou.


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