How To Differentiate The Branded And Unbranded Keywords?

To differentiate the Branded And Unbranded Keywords, the use of keywords to increase traffic to a site has gained a lot of momentum and the success is great.  This has simplified online marketing as websites try to work their way to the top of the rank by the search engines.  One rule that you must observe in order to be successful, is the right selection of keywords.

They are of two kinds, Branded And Unbranded Keywords.  Whichever you choose, you have to ensure that they are appropriate and will lead traffic to your site.  A clear distinction between the two types is required since the two have different aspects regarding the conversion rates.

Branded Keywords

Branded keywords consist of keyword that use the brand name and also can include some variations.  For instance misspelling the brand name or including the domain name in the keyword search.  Branded keywords are of importance especially when it comes to enterprise brand and they contribute too much of their traffic.

In branded keywords search, the web users will most likely use a company or business name to get to your site.  This means that the users already know you and your product is exposed there out.  The company is reaping from this fame or exposure.

Since you already have them at your door, what remains is to convert them.  You just need to play your cards right in order not to lose them.  For instance if a user needs a phone, he or she can type a specific company or brand e.g. Samsung, Apple, Galaxy tab etc.

Unbranded Keywords

On the side of non branded keywords, there are no brand names that are included.  Variations are also not included in the non branded keywords.  The concept of non-branded keywords is also usually important in driving traffic to a specific site.

The web users do not use the specific brand names but use brand attributes that might be common to many competitors.  For instance if a user need a phone, he or she can type a specific attribute of the phone e.g. Smartphone sellers.

Importance Of Branded And Unbranded Keywords

The concept of branded and non branded keywords is of great importance in driving traffic to your own site.  When auditing you Pay Per click campaign, you need to isolate the non branded keyword’s traffic from the branded keyword’s traffic in order to evaluate their performance.

This is very helpful in determining which specific keywords drove the web users to your site or blog.  In this case, most people will find the branded keywords important as they mostly help in bringing new users to the site and even consider converting their unbranded keywords to branded keywords.

Conversions Using Branded And Unbranded Keywords

When it comes to conversions, branded keywords usually have a higher rate compared to the unbranded keywords.  This is a bit obvious since people who visit your site out of the branded search are more likely to convert than the traffic that result from unbranded search.

It is therefore important to consider converting non-branded (unbranded) keywords to branded keyword search.

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