How To Audit A PPC Campaign?

PPC audits are very important in helping you gauge the success of the PPC campaign that you are using.  Knowledge on how to audit a PPC campaign is very important especially for small businesses which may not afford to the services of audit agencies due to the fee they charge.  PPC audits are important to a small business as they are to big businesses which own large site that have considerable traffic.

To ensure that a PPC account has high performance you need to do a PPC audit to reveal the areas you may need to improve.  This therefore shows that a PPC audit is very important and has other benefits listed below.

Importance Of A PPC Audit

PPC audits have helped many individuals and marketers to improve their PPC accounts to high performing accounts.  The use of PPC audits has helped many people to evaluate the performance of PPC of a business’s campaign.

A business is able to gauge its performance in relation to marketing strategies that have been employed.  The audit helps to show the weak areas and the firm is supposed to work on improving them.

The PPC audit is also important in gauging the level of activity for other firms that are at the same level as the business in consideration.  The PPC audit is therefore important and can help the firm in future improvements.

How To Audit A PPC Campaign

There are two options that a firm can use to audit its PPC campaign.  A firm can opt to consult an auditing agency or firm at a fee.  This is applicable for big businesses which have high turnover.

For small businesses the best option is to do the audit for themselves instead of incurring other charges.  While doing an audit for the PPC campaign there are a number of areas that the firm has to consider.

PPC Audit Areas To Consider

When undertaking an audit on a PPC campaigns there are areas that a firm should consider.

1.         Keyword used

The firm should check the relevance of the keywords used in leading the traffic to a certain site. The branded and unbranded keywords should be evaluated to see their contributions to the site’s traffic.

2.         CTR

The Click through rate should also be evaluated. If it is high there is good performance of the PPC campaign.

3.         Quality score

The quality score should also be checked since it will help to reflect the success or failure of certain PPC campaign being used. The higher the quality scores the higher the ranking and more success.

4.         Activity of the account

The activity of the account should also be considered. If the activity level is high, this reflects success in the PPC campaign being used. Otherwise the PPC campaign will be said to be unsuccessful.

5.         Number of landing pages

More landing pages shows that your messaging is more targeted and therefore successful.

With these areas, a firm is able to audit its PPC campaign effectively.

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