Find The Best Ideas For Newsletter Content

Tips and Tricks for Great Newsletter Content

We all have that moment when we get writers block.  Alternatively, you may be new to this field altogether and want to do it well from the start.  Whatever the reason, it is important to have the best ideas for newsletter content that will keep your hard-earned readers happy.

If the content is boring or worse irrelevant, your readers will spam your e-newsletter as soon as it comes.  There are a few ways to make sure they are excited to get a hold of your newest edition.

Helpful Content

Your readers probably subscribed because they thought that you have something that they could benefit from.  You need to ensure that your content is not only interesting, it is valuable.  If readers can get valuable tips to help them out, they will be sure to pay attention.

Ensure that your content is relevant, well researched and well presented.  If you can meet these three criteria for helpful content, you will not only maintain, you will grow your readership.

Helpful content makes it easier to also pitch in some sales while you are at it.  People will be more inclined to purchase if they think that you know what you are discussing.  A caveat though, don’t over-do the sales pitch or it will sound like a sales letter!


When it comes to attractive ideas for newsletter content, freebies top the charts.  Everyone wants free things, even those who claim they don’t! Giving freebies in your newsletter is sure to attract attention.  Ensure that what you are giving away is relevant and helpful.  It does not make sense giving an e-book about parenting to a newsletter whose theme is SEO optimizing.

Ask For Feedback

There is no better way to find out what your subscribers want than to ask them.  Be sure to include a section for feedback and opinions.  You never know what invaluable insight your subscribers will give you.  Ask them for suggestions on topics they want to read.  You can also make it fun and interactive through opinion polls and feedback tests.

While some may be nasty and downright negative, you will always get that one reader who is genuinely interested in giving good opinion.

Articles On Your Subscribers

Ideas for newsletter content that make the subscriber feel important are great! Profiling those who subscribe to you is a great way of showing how important they are to you.  Find creative ways of including their stories and insights into your newsletter.

People love to read about themselves or even people they know.  Most likely, the featured subscriber will spread your newsletter to friends and colleagues, giving you an even wider circulation!

Keep It Light

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and your newsletter a boring read.  Keeping it light and interesting is one of those ideas for newsletters that cut across the board.

Include a joke, inspirational highlight, puzzle or even trivia.  It really does not have to be relevant to the newsletter, but it would really be great if it is.

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