Why to comment on blogs other than yours?

Why should I comment on other people’s blog when they don’t do on mine? Don’t you think I should do something else instead of wasting time in commenting on other people’s blog?

Absolutely not! First of all, let me clarify that commenting on other people’s blog is a great way to create a buzz, connect with other bloggers and publicize your own blog.

You comments on other blogs often play a crucial role in driving traffic to your own blog. Everything counts- what you comment, how you present your views and how frequently you comment. Let’s discuss one by one.

Why to Comment on Blogs other than your own?

As a professional writer, I have seen many instances when I would devote many hours to pen down my thoughts and draft a unique and interesting article just to receive no comments. I was tired of thinking of the reasons why no one was commenting on my blog. L

I was about to call it quits but thought of giving it a last try. I started picking out the most famous blogs in my niche to explore and try to understand the strategy that worked for them. I noticed that each of the posts had hundreds of comments from different bloggers.

I quite liked the articles and posted my comments too along with a backlink to my own blog. To my surprise, it got my blog around 5-7 comments right in the first week. That day I decided that I would regularly comment on other people’s blogs. This is how you connect and let them know about your ideas.

How I Present My Views?

What I have learnt in all these years is that the way you present your comments counts the most. I prefer to write short comments with the right purpose instead of telling long stories to gain sympathy.

Believe me; readers are only looking for genuine and unbiased opinions. So, what I would suggest you not to let people know that you are here for making them visit your blog. Be normal, control your emotions and pay more attention to the situation, the track of discussion and needs of your readers.

How Frequently Do I Comment?

When I was just a beginner and fetched zero or almost no comments on my blog, I would devote more time on commenting on other people’s blog. My main focus was on connecting with other bloggers and let them know that even I do own a blog with many interesting posts.

But one thing I refrained from was spam commenting. I never posted any comments on blogs that gave me a spammy feel. Even on my blog, I would quickly delete the comments that looked fake.

Although the frequency has now decreased to a much extent but I still comment on high quality posts. Because of the expansion in my audience in last two years, I barely get time to comment on other posts.

Now my focus has shifted on feeding my blog followers with more frequent and better quality posts. I no longer comment on other’s blog to promote my own but it’s only when I find something very interesting and out-of-box.

It is therefore, the matter of time you’re having at your disposal and the results you want to yield at different times.

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