Why should you have a website still?

Websites might have taken a backseat (in some sense) with the advent of social media but having a website is still critical to business and personal success in the current times. This article discusses why should you have a website still?

Many organisations have chosen to be on social networking sites, rightly so because that it where their consumers are. But in the process unfortunately many have ignored their own websites. As a result some sites have become obsolete, some look old and some don’t show up on the search engine result pages. Does it impact your business? Yes, it does! How?

I worked for a training and development organisation previously and in one of my client interactions with the head of a certain MNC in cash and carry business; I was asked for our site URL. ‘We are in the process of designing one’, I replied. Embarrassing, it was for me!

Now, it wasn’t embarrassing because it meant we are small or something. It was embarrassing because it meant that we are living in denial so far as the World Wide Web is concerned!

While it is important to have a physical address to run a business, it is far more important to have a web address because that it where people search for you more frequently.

Here are some reasons on why having a website is still important:

Search Engine Optimisation

Most of the fan pages etc on social media are still not visible to the search engines and that is how your customers search for you on the web. Hence, the importance of having search engine optimised web pages!


A website is completely your own asset.  The social media sites may change their terms and conditions regarding content posting anytime and you have no control over it. In fact we have seen some of it happening in the recent past.

Depth of Information

A website allows to you to provide even the finest details about your products and services. You can offer special logins for your customers to track their orders or customise the products as per their needs.

Measuring the performance

There are tools for you to track your customer visit data and effectiveness of a campaign, that is usable from a business perspective. The metrics offered by some social media websites may not be that effective.

Call to action

While on social media your customers may just be interested in something which pertains to leisure, hence the call to action maybe slightly lame. Whereas, for your customer visiting your website chances of the intent being business oriented are more.


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