What Is The Definition Of Content Curation?

Probably the word “Content Curation” is very new for you, but most people are already using it in order to create better content.  If you are trying to understand that what is the definition of content curation, you will be surprised to find out that you might have used this concept unconsciously at some or the other point in your lives.

For instance, many of you might have created a complete Rock CD of your own by mixing and putting in the songs of your choice into a single album. This exercise partly answers your question “what is content curation”.

Basically, in order to answer the question how to define content curation, one can understand this concept as collecting, organizing, and sharing of the most appropriate and best content with regards to a certain topic.

It is quite a powerful idea as it does not aim at adding more chaos to the existing information overload found in social media.  Instead, it focuses to bring together all the bits and pieces of information that is the most relevant and important pertaining to a given topic.  This completely answers the query of what is the definition of content curation.

Who Makes Use Of Content Curation

Once you have got the answer to the question related to the content curation definition, you can now focus on its usage.  Content curation is used by many sites either as a primary strategy or an occasional tactic.

Copyblogger makes use of topical posts which contain links that direct the reader to all the top articles on that very topic.

Some of the social bookmarking sites like Delicious that allows content sharing by users, that can be voted upon.

Later, the content is displayed in the decreasing order of the number of votes received i.e. the content having received the maximum votes is posted first and so on.

How Can You Use This Concept?

It is not enough to understand what is content curation but you also need to ascertain that how can you make use of this concept.  There is an enormous amount of content available to the users – some good and some bad.

In order to create value for your customers, you can add some of the best content to your site by means of curation.  This will also help you in SEO.  For this, you can put up original posts and supplement them with curated content.

Things To Take Care Of

When you are trying to put into practice your understanding of the content curation usage, you must be careful about some things.  Taking too much of an existing articles is a strict no.  Some curators take the understanding of what is the definition of content curation in a slightly twisted form and start giving importance to Quantity Over Quality.

However, one must understand that quality is of utmost importance and should never be compromised upon.  Also, when you go about the process of content curation, try and do it as humanly as possible because automation can result in very poor quality.

If you have understood the concept of content curation perfectly, you will not face any major issues in its implementation.

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