What Is Opt-In Email Or Permission Based Email Marketing?

Both opt-in email and permission based email marketing is a form of marketing wherein the marketers seek the permission of their customers before advancing to the next level of the purchasing process.  Nowadays, it has become increasingly essential to understand what is opt-in email or permission based email marketing because of the increase in competition with regards to gaining loyal clients and customers.

We all know that the ultimate goal of marketing is to increase sales of products and services by building up the desire and attracting interest of your customers.  One of the highly cost effective ways to do this is in the form of email marketing.

It is way cheaper as compared to the traditional marketing efforts and also has a larger impact in terms of generating sales and relationship building.  And an understanding of email marketing can never be complete without understanding the concept of opt-in email or permission based email marketing.

Why Permission Based Email Marketing?

While trying to understand the concept of permission based email marketing, you should also understand that why is it important?  Sending unsolicited promotional emails in the form of spam can destroy the reputation of your company as well as your brand image more quickly than any other means.

This is where the concept of what is permission based email marketing comes into the picture.  Seeking permission of your clients and customers before bombarding them with emails can help in building up your brand value, increasing the sales of your products and services and also strengthening relationships in the most effective manner.

Steps For Executing The Permission Based Email Marketing Process

In addition to understanding the concept of opt-in email or permission based email marketing, it is also important to understand the process of going about it.

To put your understanding of permission based email marketing into successful practice, you can follow the following steps to create a marketing campaign:

Step I:  Permission based email marketing software – You can begin to put into practice your learning of this kind of email marketing by getting hold of a marketing software which will enable you to create newsletters, automatic management of subscribes, bounces, and unsubscribe along with a view of reporting statistics.

Step II:  Decide email frequency – You will have to zero down upon the appropriate frequency of sending across email communication to make the most out of permission based email marketing.

It is recommended to send across at least one email in a month.  In case, you are involved with the selling of different types of products, you can send across multiple newsletters.  In addition to this, you can also send mails offering coupons or discounts.

Step III:  Add a form for sign up (opt-in) – In order to start collecting new subscribers, keep a sign up form on your web site.

Step IV:  E-mail template – Create an impressive looking email template by making use of email software.

Step V:  Content – All the content to be put in the mails should be of high quality and relevant to the customers need.

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