What Is Online Social Proof And Why It is Important For Marketing Success?

Social proof can be defined as your expertise and things that you have achieved in the past on your behalf.  In online marketing, there are various examples of social proof that affect the overall marketing success.  It can be listed as Identity Card, Personal Brand, Specialization, Portfolio, Resume, Blog, Free Stuffs, etc.

Like any other strategies of marketing, social proof marketing is equally important for any online or offline business.  It is the most required thing especially in online business because you are not virtually present there to clear the doubts or provide reference.

Examples Of Social Proof

Social proof varies with the roles and expertise of a person and online marketer.

Social Proof As A Blogger:  A well-designed blog; original quality content; free stuffs in the form of DOC, PDF, Video, Podcast, and Webinar; a huge number of comments; lots of “tips and how to” articles; case studies; resources; tools; earning disclaimer; examples of successful projects; and many more.

Social Proof As An Online Marketer:  Online presence; social media presence; numbers of friends, followers, and likes; testimonials; satisfied clients and prospects; completed projects; portfolio; and many more.

Social Proof As A Business Owner:  What your clients say?; customers feedback; users reviews; social media likes and followers; discussion board; free advice, free tools; customer support; and many more.

Why Social Proof Is Important For Online Marketing Success?

It speaks loudly on your behalf.  Social proof influences our behaviors to take some actions.  It acts as a psychological phenomenon that motivates or de-motivates our mental situation and activities.

For the marketers, social proof has been proved as one of the most important selling tools in their success stories.  Depends on situation, it mostly adds in your favor.  You are presenting yourself as a leader in the crowed.

Social proof acts as a reason for people to listen and notice them.  It works like a catalyst of buying decision for a customer.

There is no choice for information marketers other than presenting social proof on their website so that readers can trust them and will take as an authority.

A Case Study Of Social Proof

Let’s look at a case study of social proof of a successful blog:  What a stranger will look on your blog especially if came for the first time?

There are no pop-ups on this blog, good !

It provides free ebook, very nice !

There are podcasts, videos, and webinars present, great !

Lots of problem solving articles, very good !

Publishing articles frequently, really good !

Lots of comments, wow !

Huge followers and likes, just great !

These are the tips I was looking for, awesome !

What social proof you are using? and share your own case studies.


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