What Is More Important Content Vs Backlinks?

By the way, it is really a tough question “what is more important Content Vs. Backlinks?”  Search engines like Google loves both.  In search of better user experience and great content, search engines have set in their algorithms backlinks as a powerful indicator of quality content.  So, it would be not bad to say both content and backlinks have equal importance.

As the limit of showing only 10 results (most search engines) in SERP, finding top 10 THE best articles is not easy especially for search engine robots.  Thus, it was decided to look for the links of every particular web page.  Though, the backlinks have nothing to do with the user experience.

Why Content Is Important?

Besides coming up in the top 10 results, no one would like to visit again and again to a particular site if the content is poor.  It is possible that by mistake people would click to the link of your site, but when they found your content nothing useful they would not come again.

Websites with poor quality content always tend to have high bounce rate (when visitors do not click on other pages of your site).  By Google Analytics, higher bounce rate (usually more than 30%) represents a very poor quality content website.

Why Backlinks Are Important?

Backlinks are counted as a vote to a particular website.  It adds a value towards the authority site.  Higher number of backlinks is counted as higher popularity of a site within the niche.  One backlink worth 1000 words.

Backlinks are equally important in regards to content for any website.  If you would like to see your site in top 10 results then undoubtedly you would have to create backlinks till you get to the top.

How many backlinks do I need?  You would have to check for the number of backlinks for all the current top 10 sites.  To get on top 10 positions, you should have at low as 1 more backlink than any of the top 10 sites.  For example, a site is having 10 backlinks then you should require to have at least 11 backlinks to beat that site.

Content Vs. Backlinks – Where To Focus More?

As we know both content and backlinks have equal importance, thus you should work on both.  In a simple word, content for users and backlinks for search engines.  You would have to make both (users as well as search engines) of them happy to love your site.

Do not underline either content or backlinks.  There should be an appropriate ratio for both.  Both should run parallel.

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