What Is More Important – Content Or Presentation?

How To Find The Right Balance?

Everywhere there is a buzz that “content is king”.  I agree too.  It simply means that content is important because it is the thing which you have to say or probably the content which you would like people to know about.  But, at the same time, presentation of that content is even more important in today’s scenario and that is Content or Presentation.

Learn from the entertainment industry such as movie:  People would like to see the same love story again and again, but the condition is presentation should be updated not old fashioned.  People often like to listen simple classical music but should contain more bass and treble effects.

In general business terminology “we sell dream”.  What does that mean?, who is the buyer of that dream.  Obviously, we are the buyer of that dream, somehow you too, because the buyer tendency have changed quite a bit.

If you look more into the importance of content vs. presentation, you would have to define the difference between “need and want”.  We need food to fulfill our appetite, but want burger and pizza.  So, content is food and presentation is pizza.  Which one you like?

People are more Internet savvy today than ever.  They are self sufficient to find useful information thus content they want.  You have no need to show them up directly in their email inbox.  And, you even cannot predict what they like to most.

One thing you can do for them is to make the good presentation of your content in order to get their attention first.  If the presentation will be able to stop them, then obviously your content would go viral.

When it comes to make great presentation, there is no definite way or exact approach.  Some websites often try to be attractive using graphics and animation, different java applets and flash, whereas some sites are also using unique sound effects with videos.

However, for the majority of the sites these techniques are a bit unusual.  They don’t even care to be attractive and show up unnecessarily.

The side effects of these kinds of presentations are such as slower download of the page which annoys the visitors especially if your visitors are using slow internet connection.

This can cause a major loss despite your content is great.  So, you should beware of these kinds of presentations.  What to do if I have no other ways?  Here it comes to know “how to find the right balance between content and presentation?”

Just continuously monitor your visitors with some newer flavor in the form of content presentation and see the response.  You can also do some research as well as survey regarding what your visitors say such as your colleagues, friends, family members, or even subscribers.

Get their help in finding the appropriate content presentation formula.  Spend some time on website design and you will have the answer of the topic what is important content or presentation.

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