What Are The Primary Keywords For Your Niche?

Primary keywords can be defined as the real identity, root and origin, of any niche.  Just like the “stem of a tree”, it is the back bone that stands apart from crowed.  Every single person in a crowed is a niche.

Why people fail online?  Due to the lack of real identity you just get lost in the crowed.  The people who have identified and developed their identity (primary keywords) became successful all the way in life.

What Is The Meaning Of Primary Keywords?

Primary keywords are the keywords through that you allow search engines to find you.  If you are connected anyway through digital world or online marketing (blogging), you must know why most of the time Brand names (domain containing brand name) get top ranking in search engines.

You have also noticed that for a few other keyword phrases they also get top ranking.  The keywords incorporated in the “home page title” can be identified as primary keywords for that websites.

What Is Your Niche?

A niche can be defined as the least possible interest of a group of people.  When primary keywords get further narrowed down, you will find more and more possible niches.

For example, if the primary keywords are “social media marketing” then various possible niches could be:

social media marketing blog

social media marketing expert

social media marketing strategies

social media marketing services

tips on social media marketing

How To Define Primary Keywords For Your Niche?

Most bloggers do not get optimum success due to wrong selection of niche keywords.  You should define yourself through some exercises:

Know your audience

Know their problems

Know what you have for them

Know what others are doing for the same problems

Know how you will communicate with them (your product)

How To Select Primary Keywords For Your Niche?

You should look at least top 10 websites to create a list of primary keywords for your niche.  The best way to do that is on their home page just do right click and view source.

You should be aware that these are the keywords which they have already selected for their businesses thinking that are working well for them.

By this process you will have a long list of primary and secondary keywords related to your niche.

If you are creating a blog then you should target each and every keyword through a different blog post.

Is Analysis Important Before Selecting Primary Keywords?

If you are new in the industry or creating a new website or blog then obviously it is important for you to analyze keywords before selection.

For keywords analysis, I recommend you to read the post analyze top 10 Google competition for your keywords.

Use The Process Of Integration To Find Best Primary Keywords For Your Niche

It is the top most advice which I could have presented to you in the first paragraph, but not done so, because now you will be able to use it properly.

Through integrate the keywords, I mean inter-mixing the keywords.  Through integration you could have best low competitive primary keywords for your niche.


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