The Climax Of Link Building Strategy – Monitor Where To Stop

What is the limit of SEO link building?  Should it be a continuous ongoing process?  I thought knowing the climax of link building can save your lots of time and money.  There always should be different strategies for SEO as well as website promotion.

For how long you have been continuously involved in link building process and continuously working on different strategies to create more and more backlinks for a website?

Are you taking the juice of being #1 in Google?  Yeah ! it is your climax of link building.  There is no need to create another link if your website is on top for a certain key phrase.

If one keyword has been optimized well enough then work on another keyword.  Take a break from the first one and just monitor how far below is your second runner for that keyword.

SEO specialist should work on monitoring the number of backlinks as well as quality of backlinks.  You should stop building links when you reach the top levels or when you think there is no benefit at all creating links further.

In my eyes, the more focus should be on achieving goals rather than achieving top position.  Most of the time, being on #1 does not make all the sense whereas being #2 makes sense more than that.

For instance, suppose my website is on top for a keyword.  Now if my goal is lead generation or sale then obviously I would work on another strategy such as Google AdWords or niche website marketing rather than again building links.

I think it would be a wise decision to go for another source of traffic generation to increase conversion rate.

It would be another great idea to optimize all the pages of your website rather than a few top pages.  Let’s the opportunities come to you.  You never know which page is going to work better for you.

I have got more conversions even from weaker pages, which I was just ignoring primarily.  In other words, I got so many leads and sales from simple review pages.  It worked for me, can work for you too.

It’s all my own experiences and judgments as I am now seriously monitoring the climax of link building and also monitoring where to stop creating further links.

It has saved my lots of time and obviously lots of money and I have followed different strategies and used money on that to achieve the goal.

Hope you enjoyed the climax of SEO link building process.  I just would like to advise that you should have even better use of time and effort.


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