Publishing the Same Info on Your Blog without Looking Spammy

How many times has it happened to you that you really like a particular post and want to publish it on your own blog but stop yourself thinking that you might be penalized by Google for getting a duplicate content?

Let me tell you that you’re not alone. Each one of gets in a situation at some point of time where we really like something and want to quickly copy and paste it on our blog.

I will say- wait and analyze the situation. It may work the other way around and completely alienate the possibility of enticing visitors and establishing relationships with them.

The best is to have unique content on your blog. There is no doubt in this. However, we can always refer to the search engine algorithms and find smarter ways to publish the same information on your blog without looking spammy.

Refer to Search Engine Algorithms

I repeat, it’s important to wait for some time and understand if you are violating the quality standards laid by search engines. Check if you can copy the complete post or can publish just the excerpts of it while directly referring to the source.

Let me do it for you. One of the points in Google’s Policy on duplicate content says-

“Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results.”

What it means to say is you can get away with duplicate content that is not published with the intention of enticing the visitors and manipulating the results of search engines.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can do it frequently just because your intentions are clear.

Instead what Google suggests bloggers is – minimize the similar content to an extent possible. If it finds out that you’re violating the copyright law of other website from where you have taken the content, you will be penalized.

Ask for Permission

Although it is better not to publish any copied content on your blog but if you believe it’s an exceptionally good read, ask for the permission from the website owner or the blogger. Wait until you are legally allowed to post that content on your website.

Besides this, don’t forget to give reference of the original website, blogger or author of the piece of content while publishing it on your blog.

The idea is to be ethical in your approach.

Avoid Posting Too Much Copied Content

You can get away from the suspicion of search engines on posting a few similar posts but do not take it for granted and make it a habit.

If you want people to read that content, mention a link of it on your blog after you get permission from the original writer/blogger/website owner.

Unique content is one of the best things that you can make happen to your blog. Remember not to compromise on its originality and authenticity.

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