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  1. Hey Yasir,

    Could not agree more with the point you shared about looking at newsletter as a long term and continuous.

    You also talked about reaching your target audience before your competition does. I digress. The focus should on making your newsletter content and wares stand out – without bothering about who is reaching the customer first.

    Liked rest of the post, and love to read more such posts.

    • Hi Nilofer,

      Thanks for liking the article!

      I stand for quality content. Read my article on content marketing.

      I agree with you but the point I made is about e-newsletters where the focus NOW is on churning out more content, more frequently where quality sometimes takes a beating. It is an industry norm and not necessarily reflective of my opinion.

      I value your opinion and am with you. Have posted a new article

      Trust you like it!

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