How To Select Keyword Phrase?

Selecting keyword phrase for a web page or blog post that you want to target for higher ranking is very confusing.  It becomes very challenging especially when you would have to choose one from a large list of keywords.

Targeting only one keyword phrase per web page would be the best ideal situation.  You should treat each web page or blog post as a new opportunity by offering appropriate content for that keyword phrase.

What Is A Keyword Phrase — Keyword Phrase Definition?

A keyword phrase is a group of keywords.  It usually contains two or more than two words.  It is being used by both advertisers in SEO or in PPC and visitors as a search engine query, for example, “workplace skills training”.

In this case, “workplace skills training” is a keyword phrase that can be used by website author to create a web page to bring more visitors attention to the topic as well as by visitors who are using search engines.

First Create A Big List Of Possible Keyword Phrases

While I am talking about creating a list of possible keyword phrases, I don’t want to include phrases that are not related to the main topic.  Try to find out phrases by thinking most generic ways, though most generic phrase would have high competition.

In the example above, I would have phrases like:

Workplace skills

Skills training

Training for workplace skills

Skills training for workplace

And so on……

You should use more variation of keywords such as looking at singular and plural forms of words in your keyword phrases such as:

Workplace skill, workplaces skills, etc.

You should also think about geographical location and center into the phrases.

Selecting Which Keyword Phrase Is The Best One To Go

Now the challenge is going high.  Selecting one keyword phrase from that list is the real task for any web page content writer as well as search engine specialist.

First thing I would do is that I would head over to Google Keyword Tool or any other keyword tool to find out the exact (not broad) monthly search volume for each of the keyword phrase.  Second, I would analyze the top 10 Google competition for each of the keyword phrase.

My priority would be to go with low competition keyword phrase even though that is getting very low search volume because at least I can rank well for that phrase and my web page will get noticed by search engine as well as visitors.

I have targeted phrases that are getting as low as 100 searches or even for longer phrases 50 searches.  Once you rank well for low search volume keywords then slowly you can rank well for high search volume keywords also.

For competition checkup, do not forget to look for the keyword phrases that are being used in the first page of SERP for the same article.

I Have Selected One Keyword Phrase, Now?

Don’t let die your research, just test and test.  Because search engines are getting wiser day-by-day and are not restricted to the keyword phrase used in meta descriptions, you should write original quality content.


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