How To Optimize Your PPC Campaigns?

The only goal of PPC campaigns optimization in my eyes is to increase the ROI (more business or sales), at any cost.  Though somewhere it is absolutely right especially if there is unlimited budget, but I put second goal to Optimize PPC Campaigns as to reduce to cost.  In either case, you should not worry as long as there is positive ROI (return on investment).

Most of the time small businesses face trouble hiring a PPC professional as it increases the overall budget.  So in this case, it would be highly beneficial to take the PPC project management to be completed by in house members.

Why Pay-Per-Click Campaign Optimization Is So Important?

If you are okay with your current promotion strategies, other search engine marketing strategies, or even PPC advertising strategies then there is nothing important to optimize any of the above advertising campaign.

But, if the optimization would provide you more than the level of your current satisfaction then obviously you should consider optimizing your PPC campaigns in order to get more conversions with the same PPC budget.

Best Practices For Optimizing PPC Campaigns

1.         Define Your Goal

Your clear-cut goal would bring you similar kind of customers.  Define your goal in order to create great Ads Copy that would entice visitors to click on your ads.  Your goal could be anything like brand awareness, more traffic to the site, capturing leads, providing downloads, etc.

2.         Choose The Advertising Platform

The second most important factor in optimizing your PPC campaigns would be the advertising platform such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Based on different metrics and visitors, you would have to create different strategies for each of the advertising platform.  Not always everyone would work well, but you can explore them to find who is more beneficial for your business.

3.         Optimize Your Keywords

As discussed in PPC Basics, keywords are the main player of every PPC campaigns.  You should try every possible keyword to determine which works and which not.  You should use the variations of keywords.

4.         Remove Negative Keywords

Find out which keywords do not relate to your offers and which keywords are less important.  This would reduce your overall effort to get certain result.

5.         Ads Copy

One of the more vital things for every PPC campaign is Ads text or copy.  Use the best practices of attention, interest, decision, and action (AIDA).

6.         Ad Positioning

You should test different ads with different positions on SERP.  Sometimes an ad at third position works better than an ad at first position.  Without testing, you would never know what should be the best position for your ads.

7.         Display Network

Either you would like visitors from search engines result pages or from other web pages.  This option is available under advanced option where you should definitely test with different variations in order to find most relevant display network.

8.         Landing Page

Landing page is a page where every visitor finally thinks what to do.  You should keep your promise in order to get the successful conversion.  Provide appropriate desirable action for visitors.


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